I feel like I'm writing too many blog things today, haha! A store here had a sale today, 29 kr / body, so me and mom went there to shop a bit. I bought 8 body's and 2 pants/leggings, and mom bought another 5 body's for me :) Thanks mom!

The pink/blue (it is blue, even though the picture shows purple)/white body and the grey one is from mom :)

Both from mom :)

The white body with Alfon's and stars are from mom aswell, the rest are the ones I bought :)

Well, now I'm not going to bother you with writing more blog things for today, I promise! I do, however, have to tell you about these random guys at the bus this morning. First there were two people, one in a wheelchair and one with him. The guy in the wheelchair shared the place with first one stroller, then a second one aswell. He's really social and talking all the time, and his friend randomly pokes him. The wheelchair guy takes out a plastic bag and give it to him. He takes it, open a bottle that is hidden inside the plastic bag and it starts to smell LOTS of alcohol in the entire bus, I wonder what he was hiding... And the time was like 7 in the morning only, random, yes?

Then there's this other guy arriving at the bus, walking in t-shirt and no shoes or socks (?!) even though it's pouring down outside, and he was going with the bus that way, and left the bus at the centrum and walked to the train station that way aswell. Random is random, yes.

w. 27 (26+0)

So, as I said, I'm in week 27 now, damn the weeks are going fast!

You are in week 27.
You've completed 26 full weeks and 0 full days (v26+0).
You are in the 6:th calendarmonth.
You are in the 7:th pregnancymonth.
You are in trimester two.
Calculated date of delivery Thurs 1 sep 2011
You have 97 days until calculated delivery.

97 days! That's under 100 now! It's like the "100-days-party we have for the students, just less drinking and more lazyness, haha.

Gonna throw in the "description" for this week aswell :)

Body: The uterus has grown and its topmost part is now a bit above the belly. For many women, their breasts continues to be tense and a bit sore during the entire pregnancy and it can leak some fluid from them. Extra fat is stored in the breasts and the glands are growing.
Many women start to lose their breath more easily since they have increased blood volume in their body.
Some can feel a bit restless at night after going this far into the pregnancy, often you're bothered by the need to get up and pee. Many also feel that they dream more now, often about the baby or the delivery of the child. It is probably the body's way to prepare itself mentally, you may not dream more, but as you wake up more often it may be that you remember dreams better.

The child: Its muscles in the arms and legs get stronger and sometimes the child can get a real hit on the ribs or the bladder, which can be painful.
Now, the child has big chances of survival if born prematurely, but every week, and even days, makes a big difference. The child weighs between 900 grams and one kilogram. If it was to be born now, it can breathe air and its intestines are able to receive breast milk.

(Don't mind all the grammar on it, I was lazy because I'm in a hurry, so most of the translation is just purely google translate that I managed to sort out a bit, haha!)

Oh, now I'm happy!

So, as I said, I was driving this morning, and at the end of the lesson he tells me I got a pretty okay chance to pass the driving test already! Oh, that made me happy, so I'm actually going to go there and check their times when I get home and maybe even book one time! I am going to drive at least one doublelesson more though, but still! :)


Now I'm on my way to the driving school, interesting info, I know :) And then there'll be more theory after.

Today I enter w.27 aswell, more info about that later :)


I forgot to tell you all that little Joseph (Josephine) has her birthday today! And she's turning old! Happy birthday (: ! if you want to visit her :)

Today when I got home, dad had been bringing a really cute teddybear home from work, for the baby! Isn't it cute?

And then my mom went to buy food this afternoon, and when she got home she had been buying a dress for me and some babyclothes. So cute :)

But now I'm going to sleep, because I got a drivinglesson tomorrow at 7:30, peh! If I want it, I have to! Goodnight!

Soon done with the studies!

Oh, it's so nice. Math is done, programming is done, computercommunication is done, multimedia is done, religion got one tiny "test" left and english got lessons but nothing important on them. Oh, I like this!

Next weeks schedule is even better! Monday is midwife, then nothing more. Tuesday is religion and english. Wednesday is english. Thursday and Friday I'm free. Oh, it almost feels like I got summervacation already! :) But that's not really true, because now I'm gonna sit down and study! Crazy? Nah, I just really have to fix the drivers license now, so I'll do some cartheory for now :) Wish me luck!


Now I'm going to complain a bit here, I think I've deserved that.

I feel like a bomb that is about to explode, all the time! I panic over every single thing, no matter how small, and get all sad and mad over nothing. I can sit down and just cry because something is not working or because I think I'll fail something. It's pretty .. pathetic when you write it that way. But I'm just full of hormones that just explode every now and then.

I had my national test in math this friday, for example. This Thursday I got panic over that I would not make it and started to study as much as I could. I got to an assignment that our teacher haven't told us how to do (Our planning failed, apparently. Ours? The teacher's imo.. But oh well). I got to this assignment anyway, realized I didn't know how to do it since she didn't teacher us and started crying about it. Luckily, I had Antti here to comfort me and got me to realize one assignment isn't that important and made me move on to the next instead.

Or yesterday, I was doing multimedia and when I was uploading the website to the FTP the pictures weren't working. I got panic right away and didn't knew what was wrong. I started crying and just wanted to give up and go to bed. This time, Antti wasn't here, but he was on Skype with me to comfort me the best he could anyway.

Is it normal to be this full of hormones that you just "explode" over every tiny thing?

Oh well, now I've gotten to complain at least, so now I'm gonna go make myself a sandwich and then go to bed, it's pretty late after all, at least if you're pregnant :)


Riskeducation 2

I just realised I haven't been writing how the riskeducation went. I guess it went good, the hardest part was steering back when I lost the "attachment" to the ground, but steering away from something placed in the way was no problem at all, it was easy *proud*, haha!

Oh well, that's all I wanted to say, will write later or something :)

Grades on friday... Stress!

So, yeah, the grades are going to be done on friday, apparently. Feeling so stressed about it. I got a few things left to do!

*Programing assignment has to be done during this week.
*Computercommunicationcomplementaries last lesson on thursday.
*Religion buddhism work somehow.
*English "test" (and the CAE after graduating!)

At least I finished my two last multimedia assignments today, and my religionassignment about hinduism, so I'm feeling a bit good. But still so stressed, bleh.

What else then? A week until I meet my midwife again. I got those darn iron pill thingys since my value was low, does that mean I have to take another bloodtest to check? I hope not...

This wednesday we're having some anti-violence day in school, bleh. I don't want to. And on friday we're having our classic - running thingy. I have to be there and help since I'm not running myself.

Oh well, I'm going to sleep now so I can get up tomorrow. Take care!

Celebrate my grandmother and her "live-in"

Yesterday we went all the way to Malmköping, we were going to take my grandmother and her "live-in" (My translater translated it that way, but it sounds awkward.. The guy she's living with, her .. boyfriend? Sounds even more awkward to say boyfriend about my grandmother's second half, but enough about that.) out to a restaurant since they both had their birthday not too long ago. So the entire family here went there, and we met both my grandmother, her "live-in", my two aunts aswell as their husbands there. We went to a place that was a bit older, called Plevnagården, it was really cozy and everything! We ate both appetizer and the main dish, they had to wait with the desert thought, because we had this little surprise that every family had been baking themselves instead, so we ate that out in the nature instead, haha!

It was really nice to see them all again anyway, they're living in Nyköping so we don't get to see them that often otherwise :)

Bad day..

Bleh, yesterday when I got home it turned worse. My stomach was hurting from every movement and I was freezing a lot, on top of that my back hurt and it felt like I was going to throw up. Didn't even know how to lie down to avoid most pain. It's a bit better now, but I'm staying home anyway since the headache and stomach-ache is still there. What would I do without Antti btw, he's forcing me to take headache pills, which I hate, but kind of have to I guess. Thanks<3

Might be making waffles later with Antti though. Although, we have to go to the story first in that case, so we'll see if the stomach can handle all that movement :)


Bleh, one lesson left but got headache and my stomach is hurting right now, bleh.. But guess I have to stand it and then go home and die on the bed.


My finnish guy has been here since friday, me like! So we've been watching lots of movies and mostly relaxed. This Sunday we went up at 5 (!) in the morning. Crazy? Yeah, maybe a little, but we were going out with dad to fish. So a bit after 5:30 we were in the car. About 40 minutes of cartrip and 10-15 minutes walk later, we were at the little lake. Totally calm, chilly and so cozy. But pretty death in the lake, they said that they had been releasing new fish into the water, but we hardly saw any fish and just got 2 up. Dad got one, and Antti got one, I didn't get a single one, unfair! I had one on the hook, but he jumped up over the surface and the hook got loose..

We were standing there for a couple of hours and we were home around 12 again. I got to drive home, all the way. It went good, although the road is pretty simple to drive when it was mostly a straight road in 100 km/h, all the way, haha.

Else this week is that I'll be doing the riskeducation 2 for my drivers license, the slip-test thingt, on Thursday. I heard a classmate say that "it's just a big game Sara, you'll be turning around and just play around", kind of. I don't want that to be honest. I don't see the whole thing about driving car as a game. I'm going to have a child that will be going in the car with me, basically right away after I got my driverslicense (Not right away, because I plan to get my license before June is over, but in September there'll be someone with me in the car..). I'm not interested about "really trying the slippery" by driving around with the pedal in the bottom and driving around as a crazy person out there. I don't see the fun in it, call be boring if you want to.

Right now I'm on my mathlesson, have a walk-through of everything that'll be on the national test in the C-course. She filled the whole whiteboard, and still  only on chapter 1. Something tells me this will be a long lesson. Now I'll give full focus on the walk-through anyway.

Take care!

w. 25 (24+0)

Btw, entering week 25 today :)

You are in week 25.
You've completed 24 full weeks and 0 full days (v24+0).
You are in the 6:th calendarmonth.
You are in the 7:th pregnancymonth.
You are in trimester two.
Calculated date of delivery Thurs 1 sep 2011
You have 111 days until calculated delivery.

And then Antti is coming here today, I miss him<3

Take care! :)

When I was little..

I remember when I was little and we were going to visit my grandparents summerhouse. The last part of the trip is a pretty steep hill, and after that a relatively straight and wide road until you reach the summerhouse. I remember how we could drive the car, me and my brother. Or not really drive, we were sitting there in dad's lap and holding the steering-wheel. We were just deciding where the car was going, with the help of dad if it was needed. But it felt like driving! And when we got too big to fit on his lap we were sitting in the seat next to him and steering from there.

And now we (or not my brother yet, but he'll start soon I guess) are driving all by ourselves, handling all the pedals and we recieve no help with the steering-wheel. Only a few tips and ideas about how we can improve, or if we've done anything wrong. I thought about that when driving on the motorway this morning, during my driving-lesson. Soon I'll be sitting there all alone, no teacher, no dad, no help. All by myself.

It's pretty unbelievable how long it is since I was that little. And on the same time, it doesn't feel like it was that long ago since I was sitting there, steering. And soon I'll have my own little person that, in later age, will probbaly want to steer it aswell, all by him/her "self". Wow. It feels good, actually!


This night I woke up at 5, just like that, by myself. It happens almost all the time now, I don't know why either. I just woke up almost every night between 4-6 something. Annoying. But yeah, I fell asleep after it again, and got woken up about 30 minutes later by thunder and lightning outside. The baby's first thunder, but it was being all calm in the stomach, haha! Not a single kick as reply to all the sound from outside, so it probably slept well in there, or it's a brave one I got in there :)

Now I'm gonna get reado for school, a bit more computercommunication and then religion, then I'm free to go home and relax again.
Take care!!


Today we had something we call "catchmentsday" (if you translate it, "uppsamlingsdag" here). That means that everyone that could be failing a class, anyone that has something that the deadline already expired on, or anyone that has anything to do, really, has to stay in school and do it. So my "two lessons, start 10:05 and end 13:40" went into "one lesson, one catchment, start 10:05, end 16:00" :( Although, we left at 15:40 since the teacher said okay to it.

So today I did good. I could complement some assignements in computercommunication to reach VG (Second highest grade in Sweden) instead of G (accepted, the "common grade"). So I did! Done a few different things like explaining to him how ping, tracert, FTP and such work and how they're used. So I still have to tell him about OSI-model, and then I have to update an old assignment about internets history, aswell as "build" a company-network after he gave me some terms to use. Hopefully I get those terms tomorrow, so I can finish this class tomorrow already, and then I can leave with VG and won't have to attend to anymore of those lessons, which means two lessons less each week. Me like!

Also, it's freaking hot again. I'm dying even though I'm running around in a top without sleeves.. Haha.

Oh, and I just realized that the baby will have a fun mix of languages. Imagine the baby-langugage, which could already be a bit hard to understand. Add some finnish into that,  and top it off with english. Because that's what the baby will hear all the time. I'll speak swedish to it, of course. Antti said he'll speak finnish, and me and Antti are speaking english to eachother. Exciting, haha.

Oh well, now I'm going to eat a bit, then I'll try to do something more on my "to-study-list" before there's any WoW tonight. Take care!


I just realized that it's the 10th today. 10th. And next month it's 10th of June. 10TH OF JUNE. GRADUATION! FREEDOM!

Haha, I had to! But do you get it, these 12 years are soon over, in only a month! Although, there'll be university and stuffs later, but right now it's over. I like it!


Bleh, I don't like doubting. When you get that feeling and then you cannot get it away. Anxiety? I don't know what to call it, it's mostly making me worried. But luckily there's someone who can always remove that feeling and put a smile on my lips. I love you!<3

I felt like just writing to get everything out aswell. A wall of text, kind of. But I realised that the world (Or at least a couple of people on the blog) are not ready for this text, so it ended up in notepad and then deleted from there aswell. But as long as I know what was standing in it and what it means, it's cool, right?

Too hot - crazy?

Today when I was walking to the bus I thought I'd die, seriously. It was so hot out there that I didn't know what, and it felt like I'd smelt away! Can't wait for the day the summervacation starts and I can just walk around half-naked and be in the pool all the time, haha. Checked how hot it was a few minutes ago, 21 then and it is more cool now than before.

Am I crazy that is complaining about the heat?

w.24 (23+0)

Entering week 24 today :)

You are in week 24.
You've completed 23 full weeks and 0 full days (v23+0).
You are in the 5:th calendarmonth.
You are in the 6:th pregnancymonth.
You are in trimester two.
Calculated date of delivery Thurs 1 sep 2011
You have 118 days until calculated delivery.

118 days. Sick! And 35 days until I graduate (With weekends and red-days calculated in that). Damn, time is moving fast!


So, this monday I was at my mid-wife as I told you, and taking those blood-tests. This Tuesday, she sends me a letter telling me I need more iron, so I had to rush away and buy Niferex (iron capsules).. Got a bit of a panic attack (Or quite a big one) when I saw the size of the capsule, I even have problems swallowing pills, even those tiny birthcontrol ones I ate before! But then I read that I'm allowed to open them and just swallow what was in them, and then it became a bit easier (after lots of whining ofc, because people should feel sorry for me having to take them, haha!)

The capsules, before and after opening:

And just because I'm nice I'll give you this stomach picture aswell :)

Outdoor-recreation-day. Or?

Today, my school got this "outdoor-recreation-day" (Or at least my translator said it that way, haha). Basically we're going out to walk 1.2 miles and then cook in the forest. Or? I don't have to, ofc, haha, so I'm sitting in school and working with multimedia. Bleh, it's so boring, not the subject itself, but the teacher and his assignments makes it so boring. But oh well, I'm gonna fix this now! I have to! I'm making an interactive pictureshow thingy, it's supposed to be a meny and then you can choose what picture genre you want to see and how long the picture should be up before changing. The second movie of those is saving at the moment, so I got some time to write now.

If I have time, I should continue with more multimedia after, which means making a website with a interactive pictureslide, but even more interactive than mine, with "pause, play, choice of pictures" etc :/ But we don't like that, do we? But I think I'll just work with another subject if I have the time, instead.

Something pretty awesome (To me, for you it's probably really lame xD) was when I was just lying in bed this morning feeling the movements, as always, I could SEE the belly move when it was kicking once! But only once, then it got afraid of all the attention or something and stopped, haha.

And a couple of days ago it was kicking so hard that my hand moved! I was half-lying, half-sitting in bed and playing games on my iPhone, using my stomach as a support for my hand and my hand like "flew away" from the kick, haha! For me it's so awesome when you can actually feel that the baby is in there and active all the time, I love it<3

But now I'm going to continue with my multimedia, movie 2 is soon done :)

Take care!


Came home from the mid-wife now, or not now but awhile ago. Spoke a bit with her, just normal chat about how everything is, lots of papers etc. Then they took more blood from me, 2 tubes (1 normal and 1 shorter one), think this was the last time I have to leave blood, nice. But my arm is being ouchie now, haha :)

Got to hear the heartsounds aswell, oh<3 Everything sounded good and she watched the blood-values from last time and they were good aswell. Eveyrthing is good! Oh!<3

Anyway, now I'm going to leave to school, so I'll write more later. Bye :)

Week 23 (22+2)

Now I'm alone again, Antti left yesterday. And I totally failed.. Didn't check the trains in advance since normally Stockholm-Västerås is every hour, but 16:53 there was no train. So we had to take 17:53, getting us to Stockholm at 18:53 which is 7 minutes before his check-in at the docks.. But it went good anyway, the train was early and I think he only checked in like 5 minutes late or so, and they didn't really care.

Then on my way home, I was going to take the 20:07 train. But nope, there was none. Nor a 21:07 train. So I was stuck in Stockholm until 22:07, waiting for the train, yay! So I fell aswell as soon as I got home, haha!

Oh well, during these weeks that I haven't been writing I've entered week 23 at least, going forward :)

You are in week 23.
You've completed 22 full weeks and 2 full days (v22+2).
You are in the 5:th calendarmonth.
You are in the 6:th pregnancymonth.
You are in trimester two.
You have 123 days left to go.

The days get less and less, soon under 100 days to go!<3

Now I'm gonna be a geek and play some wow, haha! Haven't played since I went to Finland basically. So a bit of ZA and ZG now, for those that know what it is :)

Take care, bye!

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