Come out?

You're at day 217 of 280 (77,5%).
You have 63 days left until calculated birth.

Do you hear how long that sounds? 63 days. And tomorrow is the first of July, which makes it exactly 2 months. 2 months left. Do you have to stay in there that long? Can't you come out already? So I can hold you in my arms?

But unfortunately, I don't decide that. So just have to wait until the baby feels ready, but oh, how nice it'd be to have you out already!

Bleh for dentist...

So, today I was at the dentist, bleh, I don't like it... And they gave me this huge iron-apron to prevent the baby from getting any radiation, haha, and it was heavy! But what won't I do for the baby? <3

Not as funny is the fact that a tooth needs to be repaired, so I have to return in August already. Bleh. I was hoping that I would not have to return until a couple of months from now, haha. But oh well... Just to bite together (or open your mouth big in this case) and get through it.

Today I'm going to go get a haircut, feels like it's time again. I'm hopeless at remembering to go every now and then, so I have quite damaged hair-endings. So I'll cut those away, and then we'll see what I'll do with the front of my face :) I have no clue, and I never do, haha. Shouldn't I learn what to do with it at some point? Haha.

Take care out there :)

Automatic gear

Today I was driving my dad's car for the first time. Since his car has automatic gear, I haven't really been interested in trying, nor has it been helpful really. But today, I got to try it. It was so different, haha. I wanted to change the gear all the time. But it wasn't that different once you got used to it, lucky me. So we took a trip to my aunt to get the car-roof box to bring to our Germany trip, and then went to the store to buy something good for the night :)
Tomorrow I have my dentist appointment. I'm scared of dentists aswell, so I don't look forward to it. And besides, she'll complain because I've been slacking lately, bad me.. But oh well, I'll survive, I hope :)


The sun is being so bright out there and I've been complaining enough now, so I'll go out in the sun and relax instead :) Hope the rest of you have some nice weather aswell!


Did the theory today at 13:00 and the driving test at 16:25, both passed on first try :) So watch out on the roads now, right? :)

"Too fat"

This is a picture from 08, when I was dancing trice a week and being the "smallest" I've been. And around 80kg, still..


Idag var jag också hos barnmorskan igen. Inte samma som förut, för hon har semester, så fick träffa en ny idag. Tyckte inte direkt om henne. Först så när hon mätte magen så kändes det inte alls lika som när den första mätte, så jag tror inte hon tryckte lika mycket för att få "bara" livmodern och inte själva .. fettet? Plus att hon började längre ner, så från att ha perfekt följt mittenkurvan så låg jag precis innanför övre strecket? Jag tror knappast min mage växt SÅ MYCKET sen sist jag var där.. Så vi får väl se nästa gång jag går dit, tror inte det är så stor skillnad på denna gång och nästa i storlek, för hon verkade mäta helt annorlunda..
Sen så vägde hon mig, och vågen visade 99 kg. Jag har alltid vägt ganska mycket, när jag var som mest aktiv och dansade 3 gånger i veckan och faktiskt inte hade så mycket fett på kroppen så vägde jag ändå nästan 80 kg. Så vikten har liksom alltid varit hög, och jag skrev in mig som 93 kg i vecka 14, så att jag gått upp 6 kg från v.14 till v.31 tycker jag faktiskt inte är så farligt? Men det enda hon kollade var mitt BMI, som låg på 31, ÅH NEJ DET ÄR FETMA så hon babblade i timmar (okej minuter, men kändes länge) om hur dåligt det var och blah blah. Min vanliga barnmorska har inte nämt det ALLS. Och jag tycker faktiskt inte att det är så farligt med 99 kg ändå? Men det var det tydligen..
Sen stack de mig i fingret för att kolla blodsockret (en av de grejer hon babblade på massor om i samband med BMI) men hon i labbet sa att det såg jättebra ut! Så HAH HAH på dig, barnmorska!
Today I was at the midwife again. I didn't have my normal one, because she's on vacation, so I had to meet with a new person. I didn't like her. First when measuring the stomach she didn't do it the same way as the first, because she wasn't pushing as much to just get the uterus and she started further down. So instead of continueing to perfectly following the middle curve I was almost over the highest curve instead? I don't think my stomach grew THAT MUCH since last time.. So we'll see next time I'm going there, I don't think it'll be such a big difference from today to the next time, because she measured differently..
And then she wanted me on the scales. It showed 99 kg. I've always had a high weight, when I was the most active and danced 3 times a week and didn't have that much fat on my body, I was still almost 80 kg, so.. And I wrote myself in at 93 kg at week 14, so I've gained 6 kg between week 14 and 31, which I don't think is so bad? But she went on and on about my BMI being at 31, OH NO THAT'S COUNTED AS FATNES. She went on for hours (okay, minutes, but felt like hours) about how bad it was yada yada. My normal midwife didn't say anything AT ALL about it. And I don't think 99 kg is that bad tbh? But apparently it is...
Then they stung my finger to check my bloodsugar (one of the things she was babbling on about when talking BMI), but the person in the lab said it looked really good! So HAH HAH on you, midwife!


As promised, here are some pictures, haha!
(I look horrible, so ignore that :))
The "running out", we were really excited! Or? xD
Graduationperson full of stuffs + big stomach in the way + mom giving me lolipop ;D
I look the same as when I was young, yes? I was so good looking when I was small...
Full of stuffs x)
Me and the Submarine-capten! (mom and dad called him that because he looked like one! :D)
Calm "afterparty" at my place with relatives and a few neighbours :)
And here's the cake.. A bit crappy quality on the picture (bad lightening) but you see kind of how it looked like? The cake was totally white with 4 (?) of these flowers on it + leaves and green "branches" going around on top. Inside there was white chocolate mousse and raspberry mousse and then whipped cream around to get the sugarpaste to stuck :) At least it was almost all eaten and everyone said it passed their test, so I assume it was okay at least :)
Was thinking I could show you how our midsummer looked like aswell :) Mom's relatives came over, as always to celebrate midsummer here. They live in another city, so we don't see them too often otherwise.
Me hidden at the bathroom :) This is how I looked like, with my stomach, haha!
Girl-side (Minus me, I'm at the most farthest place :D)
And the guy-side! It turned this way automaticly when we sat down, didn't even think about it, haha..
Hungry Danish-guy!
"Take a picture of meeee!"
"Mad" photograf with big stomach? ^^ Dad called my name just as I was about to take a picture myself.. :(
The worlds loooongest crocket-gameS (they never got tired...). My brother completed it about 30 minutes before the rest, at least.
Cute siblings!
Picking strawberries :)
And then "kubb" :)
Fat person with camera! If you're wondering why I have the camera on every picture it's because my aunt's husband and my dad made me the "photograf" during Midsummer , so I was running around and changed camera and photographed with both of them :)
Yesterday we celebrated my brother's birthday (21st June) and I took the opportunity to bake once more :)
Rabbit-cupcake :) I made this purely for fun, the ones we were serving looked like this:
Cupcakes with packages on :) And then I made the frosting for the mazarin aswell, I thought they looked so boring just white, so they got pink flowers on them :)
And then failed Oreo Pops. It was oreo/philadelphiacheese mix in the middle, with white chocolate around. I did NOT like them, but my cousins thought they were really good. Maybe something for the younger people to eat then?


Right now I'm on the boat going home.. Just 10 hours trip where the biggest part is missing :( But oh well, we'll meet again<3


I'm in Finland right now, that's why I'm inactive :) I'll be home on Thursday, after that I promise to give you the pictures of the graduation and more updates!
Take care :)

High bloodpressure?

I've always had, on every bloodpressure I've taken, a high value. The family doctor said it's just because I'm so scared of doctors and stress myself out and gave me what is called "white-coat-synptom". I accepted that, since I am terrified of doctors!

Today I was with my midwife again, and as usual we took the bloodpressure. This time, she asked for a urinesample aswell after the bloodpressure, because it was high. It has been high the other times aswell, but this time it was higher apparently. So she checked for protein in my urine and realized there was none which is good apparently. Although, she did ask me to bring morning urine the next time, and she wanted the next time to be tomorrow already, but I don't have time since I have all my tests by then, so it's the 27th instead.

This is scaring me?

No longer a student

And now I'm "unemployed", or whatever people want to call it, haha. I still don't see the summer as just summer, for me it's still a summervacation, and then I'm going for my maternity leave, so I don't know if I'd see myself as unemployed, yet :)

The day yesterday was fine even though I was a bit against it. First we got out grades and a few stipendiums and such, then we got our classphoto taken followed by canapés and (alcoholfree) cider to all the students, haha. And then we ran out! My mom, dad, grandmother and grandfather were standing there, waiting for me, with this really nice photo of me... Haha, I'll put in a picture later when I have them on the computer so you can laugh aswell :)

After that we had to wait an hour (!) extra before our truk came there, retard driver, but oh well. Then we drove around until almost 14 and then everyone left to theirs. I met mom, dad and Marcus (brother) at Mongolian Restaurant and then we ate lunch there. After that we went home to get the dinner ready for the when guests were coming again. So I did snother cupcake sort with another frosting on it, not as nice this time though because this frosting was so much harder to get even and nice. But they got eaten and all anyway, so I guess they were good, haha. And then I made a cake with raspberrymousse and white chocolate mousse in it (that's why there was white chocolate frosting and raspberry frosting on my cupcakes!) and a bit of whipped cream around it to get my homemade sugarpaste to get stuck to the cake. I forgot to take a picture of it though, but there was a bit left so I took a picture of that so you'll get the main idea how it looked on top aswell as inside. We almost ran out of cake and people said it was good, so I guess I might get to bake more times? :)

Anyway, at 6 my grandparents arrived, followed by my aunt, her husband and two of my cousins. One of the neightbour couple came over, I didn't even knew they would but apparently mom invited them :) And last one more of the neightbourcouples, they came with a student present for me so my mom invited them aswell :) So we were a couple of people there, eating italian-inspired food and had a nice time :)

Now I'm going to go down into the pool with mom I think, if she's still there, then I'll practise more car-theory, I have to make it soon! :)

Graduation tomorrow

So, tomorrow it's graduation. Finally, or? Still sick of it, but pretty nice to meet the relatives that are showing up at least :) Should be there at 9 tomorrow for the grades and the graduationcermony, then it's photography at 10 with the class (and I love having my photo taken, or?). 10.30 it's "mingle" with canapés and cider. It will be interesting to see if they're having alchohol-cider since no alcohol was to be brought by the students, so are they giving us alcoholfree cider then? And if they do have alcohol-cider, are they having an alcoholfree option for me for example? Oh well, we'll see, haha. Then I'm going on the truck around the city while looking a bit retarded (especially since I'm the only girl on it, haha..) and then probably lunch with family + grandmother and grandfather, followed by going home and waiting for my aunt, her husband and my cousins to get here to eat food and then cake :)

I've been baking all day in the heat, bleh how hot it can be with the oven on in the middle of the day, haha! But it worked and I made my cupcakes :) So tomorrow I'll fix yet another cupcake sort (different flavor) and then the cake, hope they're as yummy as the cupcakes! I'll put in a picture in case someone wants to see them. It's the first time I do cupcakes with frosting on the top, so it was a bit exciting :)

Have a nice evening / graduation morning :)


I decided to play a bit with Photoshop yesterday, since I was bored, so did a quick banner, haha :)

Oh well, today the plans are to go down to the city pretty soon, just have to get the makeup done and then I'm leaving. I do want to go watch my brother and some others from his class that are having "superstar", which is a competition between several school's 9th graders (or the 6 "best" 9th graders (sportwise)), but I don't know if I have time. I remember it from when I was going to the same school, and it'd be fun to see it again, but we'll see. I have to go get an old test from the teacher aswell, so I can practise for the tests coming next week. So we'll see if I have time to see Superstar :)

Then I'm going to run around in the city and buy sugarpaste and sugarpaste-color to the cake that I'm going to bake :) I'm going to have it on friday so I guess I'll bake it tomorrow. Then I'm going to try to find my brother a present aswell, since it's his birthday soon, but the only thing he wants is a "threadmill" or he'll be disappointed he says, haha. My economy doesn't really cover for one of those though, so I'm out of ideas :) But we'll see if I can find something maybe. And then I'll also buy something for Antti, since it's his birthday on Saturday<3 BUt he has to wait for his present until at least 16th, because that's when I'm going to Finland, poor guy, haha :)

We'll see if I'm having time over, because then I might check for a new bikini aswell, I don't really like mine that I have atm, but we'll see :)

Oh well, going for the makeup now, so have a nice day in the warm sun! :)


The teacher cancelled the lesson that was supposed to be today, apparently he felt sorry for us since it was our only lesson :) So I was planing on doing a bit of cartheory but the question is if I should get my bikini on and do it outside in the sun? Think I'll do that actually :) But in any case I'll take a shower first, even if I'm going out and get all warm in the sun. I like my logic, haha!

Swim in the pool!

It's so damn hot again right now, and it's even more hot for me with a huge stomach and hormones playing me games, haha. So we started out with a bit of crocket on the yard with the family and then me, my brother and my mom went into the pool to cool down while dad had to fix the grill and the food, poor guy :) It was so cool and nice though!

And yeah, only 4 days until graduation now, it's so soon. I don't know really, I'm already tired of it before it even started. I see it EVERYWHERE, everyone is writing and talking about it. How they can hardly wait. I don't feel the same way about it, I don't see the reason. Everyone is going out to drink and yell and just be so happy, but what's the difference from leaving 9th grade or university? I don't see the special part about this school. But oh well, I'll be running out with the rest anyway, and I'll be going on the truck, and then my grandmother and grandfather is coming as well as my aunt and her family. So it's a pretty calm graduation for me ;)

What I do want however, is the 15th. Or actually, the 16th. I'm leaving to Finland at 15th on the evening, and on the morning of 16th I can be in my love's arms again (älskling<3), and that's something I've missed so much! So I'm not looking forward to 10th, I'm waiting for the 16th ;)

This week is calm, again, got one lesson tomorrow where we're just watching a movie, and then it's just relax until friday again. I'll be baking a cake this week aswell, to have when I graduate. I had this need to bake for so long now! Or not just bake, but to decorate a cake!  So I'll be putting sugarpaste on the cake and decorate it with flowers I think, a bit of red and green on the white cake :) What do you think about that?

w.28 (27+1) and girlvisit!

Forgot to write yesterday, I woke up pretty late, had some problems with the computer and then I went to meet Joss, so long ago since I met her, so it was really nice :) We ate at Spicy Hot (asian food<3), which was her birthdaypresent since she didn't wish for anything special, then we went to the cinema and watched Hangover 2. We watched Hangover 1 when we got our belly piercings, so we decided to see the second now aswell. Very funny movie, to be honest, haha.

And then I went into w.28 yesterday aswell, not long to go now :)

You are in week 28.
You've completed 27 full weeks and 1 full days (v27+1).
You are in the 6:th calendarmonth.
You are in the 7:th pregnancymonth.
You are in trimester three.
Calculated date of delivery Thurs 1 sep 2011
You have 89 days until calculated delivery.

Body: The uterus is now big enough to affect how you can move around. You can still be active, but your body will let you know if you push it too much. You may start having contractions, which means the uterus will contract and become hard. It can show up when you're walking fast or have to pee. A contraction lasts for 10-30 seconds, and for it to losen up you have to stop. If the contractions start to hurt it could be a sign that your cervizx is softening up. This should be controlled by a doctor or the midwife. From now on, your visits at the midwife will increase. You'll look over the Symfus-measurement and that it is increasing at the pace it is supposed to, and that the body's values are fine. You may find yourself having mood-swings again as the body is feeling heavier and the belly feels more in the way.

Baby: The baby now weighs about 1000 grams and its length is about 35 centimeters and the feet about 5. The hairs on its head are pretty long by now. The milk-teeth are finished under the gums. The baby will now increase its weight with about 27 gram every day and has begun dreaming. What do you think your child is dreaming about?


Oh, I'll soon panic over here. My computer is dying by itself, pretty much like if someone pulled the power from it and then it's trying to restart itself but doesn't even get to the BIOS. Radeon GPU is having 2 red lights showing, where one is overheated, but Control Center is saying my card is at 40 degrees... Oh, panic panic, I cannot afford a new computer at the moment and I don't want it to be broken!

Summervacation soon (:

I haven't been writing a lot now, I noticed. I haven't really felt I have anything to share at the moment, haha :)

This Monday I was at the mid-wife again, she checked the heartsounds again and they still sounded good, and then she measured my uterus to see that the baby is growing as it should, and we're right at the middleline of what is "normal", so I guess that's good aswel :)

And yesterday I was at school, had two reallyimportant lessons (or?), haha. Started with english where we were going to watch a funny comedyshow from England. But the teacher, who's a substitute teacher, isn't that technical, so he couldn't get it to start and when we helped him, he was missing speakers xD So he had to run and look for those, haha! So we only got to see 30 minutes of the show, haha. Oh well, can't be good all the time, can you? And then I left my dear computer to the technicians at the school :( They have to ghost it or blow the entire harddrive clean before we can get it back :( So I'm going to go down later today and get it, since they weren't done yesterday (even though they said they would be...)

So yeah, today I'm just going there to get the laptop, then start installing the operativsystem on it while I'm doing some cartheory at the normal computer I think :) It's so calm right now, actually. I have nothing more this week, next week I got ONE lesson, then graduating next friday. So nice to not have to do anything! So if I finish the installing on the laptop quickly I might drag it with me out in the sun and lie down and get some sun while doing the cartheory on the laptop instead :)

Oh well, I'm going to make myself ready now so I can go and get my computer :) Baibai!

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