Write more?

I wonder if it's even worth writing in the english one anymore? I don't think anyone is reading this anyway, hah. So unless I get someone to comment, I'll stop this one and just write in the swedish one.

Bye? :)

BVC (child welfare center)

Well, first of all, we were at bvc (as we call it) for her doctor appointment. They weighted her (5540 gram), took her lenght (59 cm), as always, but also checked her heartbeat, her eyes and other body parts as legs and hips. Everything looked good, she was all fine they said :)

Secondly, I've changed color on the blog, as you can see, but I've been too lazy to change the color of the ones I write. I will do it, and I know it looks insanely bad right now, but just hang in there for now ;)


This night

This night wasn't very fun, normally she falls asleep around 9, but yesterday she DIDN't want to sleep. So time passed and she didn't fall asleep until 2-2.30 something.. So yeah, not that fun! Especially since she woke me up 6.30 the same morning. Kind of exhausted. But that's how it is with children :) Got to sleep until 9 this morning at least, so at least that was nice :)

Sharing a picture! :)

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