Registration thingy.

So, now I've called, I'm still shaking, haha.. Anyway, I'm going there on Monday 14.00, so we'll see how everything looks then. Exciting, and scary..

Oh well, I'll write more on monday so you'll know more then. Bye :)

Sorry :/

Sorry for not updating lately, as I've said I have this PWE and I'm totally tired when I get home, haha.. Then I've had raids and all of that, didn't even think about updating here..

This Saturday I threw up for the first time in the pregnancy, not that nice, haha.. Bleh, I didn't really feel that well then.. And today I woke up with this "burning throat" (Don't really know the english term for that :)), never had that before and I wouldn't mind it staying away aswell, haha. Oh well, I guess it has to happen sometime, and I only got myself to blame since I said I wanted to feel that I was pregnant, so now I am feeling it, haha!

3 days left until I can stop worrying as much about miscarriage anyway, because then I enter week 12 :)


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