6 months<3

Did you guys know that this cute thing came to me the first time 6 months ago? A whole halfyear! Oh, how I miss and love you!<3

Do you know how amazing you are for standing to be with me? Sticking around even though I make it all harder for both of us. But I love you no matter what!<3


You're at day 274 of 280. (97,9%).
You're in week 40.
You have completed 39 full weeks and 0 full days (v39+0).
You're in the  9:th calendarmonth.
You're in the 10:th pregnancymonth.
You're in trimester three.
Calculated due date Thurs 1 sep 2011.
You have 6 days until due date.

Yeah, 6 days, what can you say? It's on Thursday. And it feels like forever, haha. But oh well, I'm expecting to go overtime, after all, that's the most common thing during your first pregnancy and that way I'm not expecting anything if nothing happens next week. Overtime it is! Even though I hope that is NOT the case :) But it's the baby's decision, unfortunately :)

Visit at the midwife today, the stomach is just as the normal curve should be, head is totally fixated normal heartsounds and it is still active in there (It was kicking around lots when she was feeling on my stomach :). So yeah, just wait and see now, the next meeting is booked until 5th but I hope I don't have to go there then, haha ;)


Visit this weekend

I didn't have any energy left to write this weekend, felt like I had enough to do anyway, haha. This saturday my grandmother, her "boyfriend", my aunt and her youngest child came here and visited. We ate good food, spoke and just had a nice time here, and then they stayed the night here aswell. So the entire saturday went there, and half of the sunday aswell, then we got some sparetime, haha, and then I didn't have any energy to update the blog to be honest :) My aunt also brought me a lot of babythings that she no longer needed and wanted to get rid of, so now I have updated my baby-collection with two babysitters (one upstairs, one downstairs, so I won't have to carry it up and down the stairs all the time), a second babygym (same there), a babysling, a music-mobile for the bed, a cute hanging teddybear for the stroller, and lots and lots of toys such as these soft books, mirror-toys, cubes, etc etc. A lot of good and nice things, thanks a lot!

The day today started pretty bad, I woke up and still felt ill from yesterday evening, so I was lying in bed for quite some time, just waiting to see if it'd pass while texting a bit to Antti, refused to get up basically, haha. Then the phone rang, so I had to get up and answer, and then my illness went worse. Eventually, I had to throw up, but at least it felt a little bit better than. Then I sat down at the computer, hopeing the illness would go away so I could eat some breakfast and eventually I forced myself into eating it. It actually felt a bit better after eating it. So I then continued the day with good stuffs instead! I started a machine with clothes, put them up to dry when it was finished, started a second machine, ironed some other clothes, emptied the dishwasher, filled it again, and then put the second machine of clothes up to dry. I was going to put a third machine on, but we were out of the rinse thingy to put into the machine so I couldn't, but I think I've been good anyway? ;) And after all of that, I think I deserve some time at the computer, don't you agree? :)

It was also awhile ago since you got a new picture, so here's one from sometime during last week, w.38 that is! Not that big, right? Haha, I feel light enough I can tell you :)

Family law-center

Sometimes I get this small panic over things. I don't want to mention what here, it'll be too personal and almost like I'm "attacking" someone. Anyway, I was at the family law-center today and it went good actually, the person I spoke to was really nice and understanding and everything, and it took me about 15 minutes until I was allowed to leave again :) So at least I've signed the fathership-verifying now, the rest we were going to await a bit with, she said. So it's good! :)

I'm being bored over here, as usual, so I sat down and did a new banner. The old one still had pregnancystomachs from about week 20, haha, and that's "only" 19 weeks ago. And I thought the text was kind of cute aswell, because it's true, but we'll see how long I'll have this one before changing again, haha :) I have to do something during the days...

You are at day 267 of 280. (95,4%).
You are in week 39.
You have completed 38 full weeks and 0 full days (v38+0).
You are in the 9:th calendarmonth.
You are in the 10:th pregnancymonth.
You are in trimester three.
Calculated due date Thurs 1 sep 2011
You have 13 days left until your due date.

Now it's happening things! It's exactly 2 weeks left now, and since you're counting the due date +-2 weeks, it could happen at any time now! Exciting! :)

Awake before 10!

For once I'm awake before 10, haha, I had my "problems" with sleeping but I've always been in bed to at least 10 anyway, then I've been going up normally. But today I got woken up by my phone ringing. Or well, it wasn't the phone ringing, it was Antti, but the phone was making the sounds, haha! He had just finished his drivingtest and passed it! Congratulations my love! <3 And I was being smart, telling him to text me when he was done so I could read it when I woke up, but apparently he thought calling was better ;) But it doesn't matter anyway, because I love hearing his voice, so at least I woke up in a nice way :)

Now I'm going to get back into my warm bed and just lie there for awhile and watch tv or something :) Hugs!


Now I've done some "good" to day and baked cookies :) I like baking, it's so nice to have something to do instead of just sitting here waiting for the baby to show up, and I don't have that much entertainment since Antti started his university now and isn't online that much during the days. So a little baking as entertainment is more than welcome :)

The day started with that I had go to the store to buy some things for the baking, then I did a daim-mudcake, again, and while it was in the oven me and my brother ate lobscouse. After that I continued with a coco-toscacake. Our oven is fucked up, though, and while the cake should've been in the oven for 20-30 minutes at first, I started doubting it after 15, but left it in a few minutes more. So after about 18 minutes or so I took it out and it was almost burned instead, like it would've lasted another 2-12 minutes? And then I added the cocotosca on top and it was supposed to be in the oven another 10 minutes, but I had to take it our after 5.. So I hope it's okay anyway, I don't want to burn it but then again you start to think about if it's actually ready yet or not since it was in so much shorter. The edges tasted okay though, apart from a bit burned taste (they managed to burn since they are, in fact, the edges..) so the middle of the cake should be fine? Haha.

I should've been baking doat-doublets aswell, but my little mother didn't buy everything I needed for it and I was too lazy to drive to the store AGAIN, so I'll bake them later. The whole reason why I've been baking is because my grandmother, her "boyfriend", my aunt and her child is coming to visit this weekend, so we need something to share for them :) Unforunately (or fortunately? :) both me and my mom loves baking, so we'll have quite a lot of goodies to share, haha. I'll write more about that later. Now I'm going to plan tomorrow with Joss, seems she's stopping by here, nice!

Take care out there, hugs!

Soon mom?

I know it's late and all of that, but I just have to write this!

I was just logging into a website to check the pregnancy-calculator once because I was speaking about the pregnancy with a friend of mine. "You have 18 days until due date", it said. Like, 18 days? +- 2 weeks on that. 4-32 days. I'll have my baby in my arms within a month!

Oh, I just had to write that! Now the bed is calling, goodnight :)

"Barnshopen" - Childstore

We got this store here in Västerås, Barnshopen, that is selling second-hand clothes adn toys. Myself, I'm a bit against second-hand, I think it's a bit gross to use something that others have been using before. I know that everything is washed and clean etc, and that it's not these intimate things (or?) but I wouldn't use it myself. But for a baby it feels like it's more okay actually! First of all, they're being that small for so short amount of time, so the clothes aren't actually used for that long! And everything was in such a good condition. So me and mom took a drive past this store to check it out, since we'd only been seeing it on the internet. It was so nice in there! First of all, it's FILLED with clothes from the size of 50 (which is so small btw!) to childrenclothes where small/medium/large is used as sizes. Apart from that there were toys, "walking-chairs", rocking-horses, strollers, you name it! Several princessdresses aswell, incase I'd ever need that ;)

I walked away from there with one new pyjamas (didn't have any before, haha), two new pants size 56 (I noticed I had lots of bodies but hardly any pants at home), five pair of socks and two hats, aswell as two toys to put into the babygym that my mom bought a few days ago. It was missing a few toys that were supposed to hang there, but it's okay since I can use whatever toys I want in there now :) And then my mom got a bit shopping-addicted aswell and bought me another pyjamas, another hat and a whole-body-suit. Nice, thanks mom! Her fingers starts to itch every now and then in there stores and she has to buy something aswell ;) She also pointed out that this was going to be  her new favorite store and told my father that the store had both rocking-horses and walking-chairs and princessdresses, so it was a really good store for grandfather to use when buying christmaspresents ;)

If anyone else wants to visit the store (I doubt on the english blog, though, haha!) and take part of their items you can find the website here: http://www.barnshopen.nu/

Oh well, now you at least got a little update about what is happening around, because that's pretty much everything that did happen, haha! I'm sooooo bored during the days, so if someone wants to do something, just call me!

Oh, right! I'm actually going to study this autumn aswell! I applied to two distance courses for fun and on the first information on admission I got into one of the courses and was reserv-spot for the second, but on the second information on admission I got into the last one aswell! So I'll be doing a bit of 3D-modelling for one term and finnish for two terms foward, exciting :) 3D-modelling is something I want to do later on, or at least something with graphical design, and the finnish would be fun since I can spy on Antti's conversations and hear his secret talk to people (A) Nah, but just fun to understand it! :)

Oh well, I'm going to relax a bit more and then I think I'll do something good and actually iron a bit, don't you think? Sounds like a boring but good plan? Take care out there, hugs!


Oh, I'm so bored at home,  haha.. Feels like I just go around and try to make time pass, kind of. And I don't know with what either! Most of the fun things aren't fun to do alone, in my opinion at least. So it almost feels like I'm just sitting here, watching the clock slowly, slowly turn around. Oh, god, this sounds depressing. Can't the baby come out soon? It's only 28 days to due date now! Exactly 4 weeks that is, and it's most probable that it'll show up within 2-6 weeks then, it's not that long! Or well, it is like forever with my time right now, haha. Oh, take me back to Finland?

Have so many thoughts running through my head at the moment aswell so I can't figure out something to do anyway. I just keep repeating the same thoughts over and over again, not good. Eh, I guess it'll work out in the end, won't it?

Now I'm going to brush my teeth and lighten up the aquariums, and therefor spend another ... 5 minutes of my time doing something? :) Haha, take care out there, hugs!


Yeah, as I said I was at the midwife today. I think it's kind of cozy to be honest, see that the baby is fine, see that the stomach is growing as it should etc. The stomach keeps growing according to the line it should and the baby's heart is beating good, wonderful! Less wonderful is that my midwife is leaving for 4 weeks vacation now and I get the annoying midwife I had earlier. Bleh. And hopefully I won't go overtime, and in that case she's the one I'll have until due date. Bleh, again? I really don't like her, but oh well. Two weeks until next visit and then it's only 2 weeks until the original one is back, so I'll have to take it I guess? Haha.

Also, there might be IKEA today, if mom wants to and aren't going out to exercise with the rest of the family :) Then we'll get some more bed-clothes (one pair doesn't go that well, haha), bottomsheets, blanket and the crib-protection so a leg or arm won't "fall out" and the baby get stuck :).

I forgot to mention before, but when I came home from Finland, my mom and dad had made it nice in the basement! I "get" the room outside mine, which has until now only been a warderob, basically, as babyroom. So they had thrown out all the old warderobes and put new shelves and boxes there, and put this cloth as a "door" to these shelves instead of the old warderobes. Then they kicked out one of the chairs that were in there into my room, to make space for the crib. And there were new paintings on the wall and these stuffed animals and everything! And then she had just light up the table-lamp when I got home, so it looked so cozy and nice! And my room got a small remake aswell. I had a new bed since my old one you could apparently feel the bottom through the bed and curtains on the side of the windows (I can't have these "normal" curtains since I live in the basement = small windows) and gave my room some new colour! Cozy aswell! And then mom had been in a shopping-mood so I had a nursing-bag (that you can pull out to have as a changing-bed when outside), clothes to the baby-bed, clothes to my bed (When I eventually move out), toys to use in the sand/waters (she had to, that was her excuse, haha) and wet wipes. And dad got the honor of building the crib and the changing-table with me, after a few curses over how "good" IKEA items are, haha :)

Doesn't it look nice?

Here's the picture from Antti's summerhouse that I promise you aswell!


Now I'm home from my first stop for the day, the dentist, surprise surprise with my title there! Oh well, I had to fix a tooth, so had to go back and do it now, bleh. At least I feel like a good-girl because I managed without ... anesthesia? My translator told me that at least, but you know that thing that makes you feel nothing, haha. Anyway, I made it without that, but to be honest, taking it scared me aswell, so it was courage mixed with fear that made me do it without, haha! Although, the drilling part didn't feel too much, felt a bit towards the end, but the hardest part was to lie on my back! I was lying there 10-15 minutes then I HAD to get up, felt all dizzy from lying like that, so got a little break, then they filled the tooth and gave me a new break. Needed those breaks, can't lie on my back for that long I noticed. And then she got to great idea to remove scale from my teeth in the end, and that hurt so much more than anything else. If I would've taken the anesthesia it would've been for that part in that case. Bleh... But I survived!

Now I'm gonna go up and wake my brother apparently, then I have to figure something out that I should do until 13.00, that's when I'm meeting my midwife again. Think I have to take a blood-test this time again, she said you normally take one in week 35 and I'm in week 36 now, so.. I prepare myself mentally for it, and hope I don't have to :)

Take care, and I'll write again after the midwife, hugs!

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