Went to Nyköping today to visit my grandmother, and also met a few of my cousins and one of my aunts. Exciting, and they had a few questions about the pregnancy, but it went good :)

But now I'm going to bed, because me and the little one is tired :) Goodnight people!

The stomach is growing and growing :)


So, now I've fixed a time for the ultrasound. Going there 5/4 to see the little one, exciting :)!

Can also tell you all that I'm very nervous, it's two weeks today since I took the tests and usually it's two weeks until you get the results. So I'm sitting here all nervous and hope she will not call me, because she'd only contact me if it looked strange. But so far she didn't call, so I'm hoping for the best :).

Giving you a picture from 15+1, which was yesterday :) I'm starting to become fat, haha! :)

Week 15

Just wanted to tell you that the stomach is growing! :)

Putting a picture in for you to see.

Bye :)

Good Sara :3

"I'll write more on Monday", I don't know what I was thinking there, I had no internet then and I even knew about that when I wrote, haha.. And then it didn't allow me to write this Tuesday, because they had electricity problems on the blogg site and didn't let me log in :(

So here I am. I was at the meeting this Monday, the first meeting you have with the mid-wife (And that you normally do around week 8-12, woops). Joss followed me as support, thanks! <3 First we didn't even find our way there, so we ran around and got lost xD Then we found it, but she had gone to drink coffee then, because we were 20 minutes late, so we had some quick talk with her instead of a big meeting, but it went good anyway :).

Then she sent me to the lab where I had to take the tests, bleh. So the lab-lady gave me a jar and said she had to finish something first, so I could go take the urinetest meanwhile, and as soon as I got out from the bathroom she calls me into the other room right away, by myself! And if you know me, you also know my fear of needles, doctors, all of that. So she tells me to sit down, and infront of me there is this table with lots of needles and all the other things needed, panic - yes.

But it went good anyway, she told me exactly what she was going to do, I looked away and then she took my blood, four tubes of it.. Felt meh after it, haha, but since Joss is so nice she bought me something to drink because I didn't have any loose cash with me<3 Then down to the city again to eat, first with Joss and Antti, but Joss ditched us, so we went alone, haha.

And yesterday I was a good girl! I told my mother, and she got pretty mad at first, as I expected, but she calmed down pretty quickly and actually seemed to like the idea! So we clearned my entire desk (Had papers that were over a year old there..) and my bookshelves to make some room. Felt a bit strange to make room now for something that isn't coming until a couple of months, but still pretty nice to do it. So my room is almost clean now, just have to take the desk-drawers aswell to get rid of more crap that I have up in my room now :).

And today I'll continue being a good girl by reading my fun book "Of Mice and Men", an english assignment I have, I guess I have to take care of everything now since I have a future to think about, right? :)

See you!

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