I feel like I'm writing too many blog things today, haha! A store here had a sale today, 29 kr / body, so me and mom went there to shop a bit. I bought 8 body's and 2 pants/leggings, and mom bought another 5 body's for me :) Thanks mom!

The pink/blue (it is blue, even though the picture shows purple)/white body and the grey one is from mom :)

Both from mom :)

The white body with Alfon's and stars are from mom aswell, the rest are the ones I bought :)

Well, now I'm not going to bother you with writing more blog things for today, I promise! I do, however, have to tell you about these random guys at the bus this morning. First there were two people, one in a wheelchair and one with him. The guy in the wheelchair shared the place with first one stroller, then a second one aswell. He's really social and talking all the time, and his friend randomly pokes him. The wheelchair guy takes out a plastic bag and give it to him. He takes it, open a bottle that is hidden inside the plastic bag and it starts to smell LOTS of alcohol in the entire bus, I wonder what he was hiding... And the time was like 7 in the morning only, random, yes?

Then there's this other guy arriving at the bus, walking in t-shirt and no shoes or socks (?!) even though it's pouring down outside, and he was going with the bus that way, and left the bus at the centrum and walked to the train station that way aswell. Random is random, yes.


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