Nathalie :)

Well, I haven't had time to write that much lately, haha! Last time I told you I went in, got the sleepingpills and such and how the contractions died. So I'll continue from there. At 12 on Friday I had my "2-weeks-over" control, but still no contractions basically (a few, but really soft). They checked me again, still open 4 cm so nothing more had happen basically, and since I had no contractions I could go home again, but at least they gave me a time for starting me up the day after, at 08.00.

As soon as I got home I started feeling the contractions again, so I went out on a walk in a fast pace. The contractions came stronger and stronger, and in total I took 3 walks around the area in pretty fast pace (to be pregnant, that is, haha!) and a couple of plums from my neighbour (plums are supposed to be this old thing for starting the whole birthgiving!) and I don't know if it was the walking, the plums, both of them together or if it was just time, but at about 18 I couldn't stand the contractions anymore, thought my back would break in two! So mom made the food, said I needed to eat before going there anyway to get more energy. Well, easier said than done, I only ate bread basically and couldn't eat anything else. So at 18.53 we were outside the deliveryward, putting in that last coin we needed to pay (since you only pay for the parking until 19.00, haha!). They wrote me in right away this time and gave me a room. They added the CTG again and the value was a lot higher right away now, think it went over 100 this time. So I was lying there with the CTG and after that I could walk around, so I took one of those "walking-tables" so I could hang over it and walk back and forth in the corridor.

A bit after 21 I pressed that button and asked for something to kill my pain, my back couldn't handle anymore. The midwife asked me if I could handle another 20 minutes, they had staff-change by then and they weren't planing on doing any examination down there before changing the staff. Oh well, I'll manage I thought. But once the new staff comes in and present themselves she starts with "I have another patient that is in a lot of pain, but I'll be back with you in 30 minutes". Pff, no painkillers yet. An hour after she said that she still wasn't back, and I'm not getting my nitrous oxide (or "laughing-gas") until the time is closer to 23-23:30, so about 2 hours after asking for it. She also examine if I'm more open by then, but tells me "4-5 cm, so about the same as before". I thought I'd die, not a single cm more since Thursday night? Over a whole day and nothing has happened? They're asking me if I want epidural, and I do. I'm not getting it until after 1 though, but damn, that felt nice. I could even sleep for awhile!

At 3 I wake up to a contraction and it hurts again! I'm lying awake for about half an hour before I wake up my mom. One midwife examines me and tells me I'm about 7 cm open now. Well, it's not going quickly at least, haha. They decide that they're going to remove the foetal membrane, which was a good decision since they then notice that the baby had been pooping inside the uterus, which isn't good. They also give me contraction-boosting drip so that I'll open up faster.

At 5 she examines me again, I'm totally open and she tells me that if I'm being active now and walking around we can probably deliver this baby pretty soon, so she demands me to be out and walk until 6 and she'll be back and examine me again by then. So me and mom walk back and forth through the short corridor (that felt like an eternity to walk through), slowly slowly. Every contraction I have to stop and hang over my walking-chair (I had sore muscles in my arms after that!) and mom gave me massage on the back.

At 6 she comes in to examine me, just to tell me that it hasn't gone down as far as she was hoping and she realised that she was not going to be the one to deliver this baby before staff-change. She gave us a guess and said it'd be out by 8, oh, how wrong she could be, haha. So we get new staff again and continue to work our way through the pains. I couldn't walk anymore so I was just lying in bed by now. After awhile they asked me to stand on my knees in bed and hang over the back of the bed, which would give the baby more room to go down. So I was standing like that until my knees got all tired and changed position into standing by the side of the bed with halfbent legs and hanging over the bed with my whole upper body. And I stayed in that position until it felt like the head was as far down as it could get, but on the same time it felt like it wasn't down at all. So yet again I pushed the button and they examined me, and the head was just inside!

I then had to sit down on the bed again (which I didn't really want to, it felt really weird to sit down with the head that far down, haha!) and they added both footsupports and handles so I could push against them for extra power. I have no clue what the time was by then, but it felt like an eternity again. When they told me they could see the hair I assumed it was basically over, but no! I had LOTS of contractions left, haha. And it felt like you were going to explode down there each time, and then you could feel the head go back in, god, it was horrible and felt like it'd never be over. But mom supported me to the last moment and got me to push more than I thought I could! So the support from my mom, plus the footsupports to push against and the handles to drag with, I pushed my little girl out at 10.37.

Or well, little and little, a girl at 53 cm and 3915g. But what to expect when going a bit more than 2 weeks overtime? So 110917, at 10:37 she's born :) After that they sew me together (only external and small ones, so lucky me?) and little Nathalie got her first meal. Then we headed up to the maternity hospital and stayed a night there (Since she pooped in the uterus and I got fever later on and antibiotics against it, they wanted to keep track on us the first night.)

Got home at lunch on Sunday at least, and she was the most calm baby ever, sleeping all day! Changing diaper isn't THAT fun though, haha.

Here she's only an hour old or so, so small (and mad?) she looks!

And when we got home, the babygym was a strange thing :) Still too small to understand what to do, haha.

No baby!

So, nope, no baby yet, haha. After 3 hours with regular contractions every 3-5 minutes they started to slow down and turn longer in between them, with about 7-10 minutes, until they totally died for awhile. Around 14 they were pretty regular again but with 7-10 minutes in between them, and coming closer and closer. At 20 I couldn't take it anymore (they were then coming with 5 minutes inbetween) so I called the deliveryward and asked what they should we should do since it felt like my back was going to break each contraction, I was walking bent forward like the Hunchback. She said it sounded like it was starting and that I could come up there whenever I felt like 'Now I need more help'. So we stayed home for another hour almost, mom was watching tv and in a commercial we drove away, so a bit before 21.

She connected me to the CTG again to meassure all the values again. The heartrate of the baby sounded nice as always, and the contractions-meter went up to 83 as a maxpoint, if you remember it was 39 last time when I felt nothing (and 20+ was counted as contraction). But around ~35 this time I felt it in my stomach and when it went higher it moved over to my back. Bleh! At least they were coming regularly and the other values looked good, so she took the CTG away and started feeling on my stomach instead, apparenrly it was very important to know how the baby was lying in there and apparently I have a frog in there, haha. It wasn't positioned anything like she thought, as she was asking if most of the kicks were on the total opposite side of what they actually are :) So a little frog <3 Then she felt for the head to see that it was actually fixated, and it was. And then she wanted to see if I was open something, so down with her fingers and poke around in there, felt a bit.. different, haha. I'm used to having fingers there for another reason, and then it's not another girl doing it ;) Was open 4 cm at least and she told me we could stay for awhile and we'll see if something happens.

So me and mom took a cup or hot chocolate/coffee and watched some tv, and then started walking in the corridor. Didn't get to walk that much though until she came to us and told me that it doesn't look like I'm in that much pain, so they'd just give me a "sleeping dose" and send me home to rest. So I got ½ contraction-"killers" (They didn't actually kill, but I felt them less), 2 pain-killers and 1 sleeping pill. It was wonderful for the back though, the pain just totally disappeared! And I slept so nice to be honest, even if I was a bit "worried" about the sleeping pill, a pill shouldn't decide when to sleep and for how long, haha :)

Now, the only problem is that I don't feel the contractions yet, I don't know if it's the painkillers still not totally worn off, or if they died during night, but she said they wouldn't. I think it's just the painkillers though, because I'm starting to feel it more and more in my stomach and a bit in the back, so we'll see. And if it doesn't start hurting again, I have my "overcarried"controll or whatever you want to call it, the one you have when you've gone 42 full weeks, at 12.00 so I have to return by then anyway.

So well, hopefully a baby today, but you never know :) I'll keep in touch whenever I have more information :)

Could today be 'the day'?

Breathe, breathe, breathe. That's how I handle the pain right now, haha. And my back feels like it's about to break into two pieces every time. I've been "clocking" for 2 hours now (since I woke up) and the contractions are coming with 3-5 minutes between and last about 40 seconds (my iPhone app has an average that says 42 seconds and 4:05 minutes). The paper says that you should go there when you've had regular contractions (check) that are coming between 3-5 minutes apart (check) and lasting for 45-60 seconds (almost check?) in at least a few hours, since first timers take longer time. But how long should you wait at home?

It started yesterday afternoon with "period-pains", not regular though (some was 5 minutes apart and some over 15, it even stopped for an hour when we went to the store), and bloodmixed 'discharges' (?) (that are now lightly pink instead). Could sleep without problem so it wasn't any horrible pains by then (woke up twice to go to the bathroom, and I still felt them then at least). Soon before 7 it started hurting more and I couldn't fall asleep gain, so I started "clocking" them. 

Well, can just say that the baby is taking it's time even if it's today or not, since I was supposed to call the delivery ward tomorrow if nothing had happen. But at least I'm grateful that it has started, I don't want them to start me up.

Well, we'll see what happens, I guess it'll at least be the hospital today, pretty soon I think (unless it randomly stops), but we'll see how long it takes before the baby is looking out aswell :)

No more midwife!

Apparently this was my last visit at her, so now I just have to wait! If nothing happened before friday I should call the delivery ward, because no one should go over 42 weeks basically, and on friday I did 42 weeks. So in that case they'll bring me in either friday or monday, depending on how busy they are up there. So we'll see, but I guess I'll be a mom before Tuesday (or during Tuesday?) then at least :)

I'd rather have it start by itself though, but you have to take what is given, right? Haha, at least I'll keep you guys up to date with information if something happens before friday ;)

Oh, and by the way, my bloodpressure was back to normal! The lower value was at 82, which is lower than I ever had, so that's good? *Proud* :)

w. 41+4 ...

Well, it's closing in on 42 weeks, haha. Oh, how slow it's going.. And I feel nothing yet! I'm going to the midwife in an hour, so we'll see what she says then, I'll write more after that visit. Bye!

Most annoying with pregnancy/going overtime?

Do you guys know what the most annoying part is? It's not the fact that it's so sad that I have to go overtime. I've gotten used to the stomach, and I did know right away that 2 weeks +- is within the normal time, so for me it's not that sad that I have to go a couple of days longer. It's not more annoying. The annoying part is all the people around me. That are bringing those comments about how sad it is that I have to go these extra days, that are asking me how I feel, did I feel anything yet, when is the baby coming. I'm sorry, it's great that so many care, that's not what I mean, but there is a limit. If I'm on facebook and I've gotten 4 people within 20 minutes that are all asking the same questions, it'll get annoying. The baby didn't show up yet, and it won't show up faster because you're asking me questions every day when it is. I know as little as the rest about this subject, unfortunately. It'll come when it's ready. And I'm pretty sure that if I'm on facebook and there's no status update about a baby yet, it's basically 100% sure that it didn't show up yet. If it did show up, you'd probably get a status update pretty quickly, and if it's on it's way I can almost promise you that I won't be sitting at the computer with facebook going.

Summary: Don't ask me more, please. Haha, I sound like a bitch, but I don't want to reply to the same questions over and over again, every day, from the same people! You'll know when the baby has arrived, I promise. I even think there'll be a facebook update from my mobile before I'm even home, so you'll know it almost right away.

So, I'm done complaining now, hugs on everyone out there!


Well, as you might expect, it went a bit too fast to bring any baby home - for now. At the delivery ward my bloodpressure was totally normal, the lower value was around 80 something, and not 97 as earlier today (they even tested it 3 times during 2 different timeframes to be sure). No protein was found in the urine either, so no preeclamsia either. They did find some white corpuscles though, so it could be the start of a urinary infection, but they'll contact me on wednesday or thursday if I need to be "treated" against it.

Had to sit/lie there with a CTG thing on my stomach for a bit over half an hour so they could messure that everything was fine, if it went over 20 there was apparently a contraction going on - but it could also just be because I was laughing or the baby moving. Mine went all the way to 39 a couple of times, even though I was completely still and quiet and I didn't even feel the baby move! But on the same time, I didn't feel any contraction either? Strange. And they were coming pretty regulary so mom think it may have started a bit anyway, but shouldn't it? I mean, I am in week 41 anyway, haha.

So no, no baby so far, I'll just have to stay childless for awhile more! :)

Delivery ward

Well, my bloodpressure is still too high, not as high, but still too high. 152/97. So I have to go to the delivery ward this afternoon for a check that everything is okay. So at least I'll probably have to leave a bloodtest, bleh. Oh well, I have to manage. I'll write more tonight when I get home, or whenever they let me out from there in case I have to stay.

Take care until then! :)


So, home from the midwife, again. My pressure is even higher, I'm not at 156/101, this monday I was 159/95. So the midwife actually called the delivery ward to hear what we should do, since I don't have headache or protein in my urine (and to do something, you basically require more than just one sympthom) but my pressure really wasn't good. So they said I should come in for another check tomorrow and bring morning-urine, since it's most concentrated in the morning, and if the pressure is still high by then I'll be sent to the delivery ward for a check-up. In one way it's good, this is what I've been longing for, but on the same time it's scary.. Just to know that something could be so wrong that they want to start it before the baby is ready for it..

Oh well, we'll know tomorrow, as long as I don't get headache or my head feels heavy, or get any pressure in my chest, I'm fine, otherwise I have to call the delivery ward. So we'll see what happens tomorrow. Take care out there! :)

Spiderattack - again

I just have to point this out first - as some may remember, I mentioned the big, gross spider in my room awhile ago? Well, it's back... Saw him (or her?) the day before yesterday and then it disappeared, and then I saw it yesterday aswell! Was going to capture it, so that dad could throw it out, but it ran behind a big drawer, so it's still running loose around here.

Anyway, today I'll return to the midwife, again. I'll write more when I've been there, so we'll see what she says :) It's almost that I wish my bloodpressure was high enough for them to start me, I'm tired of being fat by now, I want the baby out now, but it doesn't agree, haha. But I won't be that "lucky" I guess? And I'm not sure if I should call it luck either, I guess it's better for it to start by itself?

Oh well, I'll write more later, take care for now! :)


So, today I was at the midwife, she checked everything as usual, both the stomach-measurement, heartsound and the bloodpressure. And as usual the bloodpressure was too high. But it was so high (even the lower pressure) that she wanted to see me again this week. So I have to return on Thursday, she wanted to check up on me since it's so high and so late into pregnancy. And as it feels like now, I'll have to go there again, don't feel anything, haha. But we'll see :)

Hugs everyone!

Midwife tomorrow

Well, seems like I'll have to go to at least one more midwife meeting, the baby likes it in my stomach apparently :) So tomorrow I have another apointment, we'll see if something happens before that but I don't think so, unfortunately, haha. So I guess I'll have to count on that the meeting tomorrow will happen, annoying, but what can you do about it? He or she will come out when it feels ready to meet the world :)

Due date - yeah right?

So, where should I start. Today is the due date for the little one. But do you think the baby cares about that? Not a single bit, it seems. Nah, it doesn't seem like it wants to come out ever, it seems to like it in there. But on the same time I know that I haven't felt too much at all during the entire pregnancy, so maybe it'll go fast once it begins? Nah, I don't know, it just feels like forever right now, but the baby is coming when it's coming I guess. So just have to hang in there and wait, as simple as that, and besides, the baby is worth waiting forever for anyway<3

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