So, not that much is happening in here at the moment, haha! But I can at least tell you that I'm now in week 10, so it's only 2 more weeks until the miscarriage risk is pretty much gone :)



So, I was kinda unsecure about the test and all, since I'm not feeling anything.. So I took a second test today, haha! Still pregnant, so that feels good! :)

Anyway, second day at my PWE today, and I did a snowman and a hairy eye (A) Altho, Alex is calling the eye speakers :( I'll link pictures to them anyway, but the eye doesn't get a fair picture, because the mobile one sucks, so I'll take a new later! :)


Practical Working Experience

Yes, the practical working experience (I'll just call it pwe..) is fixed, I was really in time this time! Or not, haha.. Anyway, I'll be having PWE for 3 weeks now, and got my spot today. Gonna be working at Bybrick Interface AB, so I'll be doing 3D-modulations and stuffs like that, nice nice!

Other than that then? Well, I drove today, at 100 km/h *proud*! He forced me into the motorway, that bastard, haha! The theory is going meeeeh, I should start doing that now!

Something else I should do is call that stupid call to the maternity clinic and get an appointment, but it's such as hard call :/ .. And they've closed now, you can only call them between 10.00 and 12.00, what kind of times are those? Oh wel, guess I'll do it next week then. And next week we'll probably have a fight here I guess, the family gets to know then, unless I tell them this weekend.. We'll see, we'll see!


Bad day

Bleh, today haven't been a good day really. Started this morning when I woke up, didn't want to leave the bad at all, but didn't really  have any choice. The rest of the day was bad aswell, didn't really feel like doing anything. Had my driving-lesson and theory today aswell, totally confused.. Bleh..

Doesn't happen that much on the blog right now, that's because nothing happens in my life either. The days are going extremely slowly and nothing is ever happening. But I guess there'll be more updates once something happens, so keep your thumbs up and continue to check this out!


I got woken up!

Haha, yesterday, I put my alarm on 10 o'clock, so I'd have time to get myself ready for my drivinglesson. At 9 o'clock I wake up because I really have to pee! So I run up to pee and go back to bed to sleep again. Think that works out? Nope, haha, I realize I'm too hungry instead.. That little person is already waking me up.. <3

Anyway, I've been driving today again, exciting, the license is coming closer :). Lesson 7/20 today, and we've gone through more than half of the things I have to know, so that's nice to know. But I still got pretty much all of my theory left.. So here I am, reading Körkortsboken (Driving-license book), so we'll see how much I'll remember from it later, haha!

Take care! :)


Hey blog!

To make a long story short. I've wanted a baby for a long time, and Alex wanted to wait a bit. So, this december, he finally decided to try, he also wanted a baby! So we tried in december, without any expectations from my side to be honest.

So, moving on to the important stuffs (A)! This christmas-break I spent most of my time in Skåne with Alex, it was awesome<3 My period never came, and I honestly never thought I'd be pregnant, I wasn't feeling ill or had hurting breasts. The only thing I had was some "period"-pains and was a bit more tired than normally.

When I got home, I was sick of waiting, so I "forced" (He was pretty much volunteering to do it, actually!) a classmate of mine to buy a test out, you know, when you're a bit of a chicken like me :) So anyway, I took the test on Tuesday, and I think those were the longest 2 minutes ever, waiting for the control-line to show up, showing me if the test was successful or if it failed. I already saw the plus, but as long as the line wasn't showing up it wasn't a sure plus.

But then it showed up! I don't think I've ever been that chocked in my entire life to be honest. I just stood there and watched the test, thinking how it could be possible. I didn't feel pregnant at all, so it couldn't be?

But apparently it can, haha! I keep checking the pictures all the time, ensuring me there really was a plus there, and clearly, it is! Feels totally unreal, but also totally wonderful! :)

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