Training for the neck

Today we've been on our stomach, training the neck-muscles, like every other day :) The difference today was that we had the camera and took some pictures, and this is how happy we were then!

Bad me!

I haven't written in so long, bad Sara! Haha. It's just that I haven't known what to write, in the start it's only sleep, eat and poop and while she's doing the first of those three, I've been doing those three things myself, as well as some studying, haha. And they aren't very "funny" at that age, they just stare out on nothing at all and don't react on anything. But now she's following with her eyes, smiling and talking all the time, so I think I'll update more now! :)
She's so cute, was lying under the babygym for so long this morning and talking to the toys and hitting them. She's starting to find it funny now! But not for too long, of course. So she's at least understanding a bit about it, but not all of it :)

And today we're going to "BvC" again (child welfare center) and check how much she weights and her length. Will be interesting to see how much it is now, 2 weeks ago she was 4600 gram so she should be over 5kg now, or at least close by? Oh well, we'll see :)

Some pictures as well (that you can find on facebook also!) :

4 days old :)

Nathalie and proud uncle :) - 2 weeks old

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

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