Starting from tomorrow, you'll get more updates from me, I promise! Going home again, and then I'll just be home until the baby arrives, so I'll have more than enough time to write here :)

My plans now:

- Spend as much time in Antti's arms as I can before leaving
- Fly home with 16:05 plane tomorrow
- Be i Sthlm at 16:00 (TIMETRAVEL!)
- Home in my house around 19:00-ish
- Put the bed up for the baby

Take care until then, hugs!


Well, I haven't updated here that much lately, as I said, I'm in Finland :) It's really nice here, but thought I should give you a little update on what is happening at least :)

To start with, you know the rumour about finnish people and that they love to sauna? It's probably more than true. I don't know how many times they've gone to sauna while I've been here, at least many! And then they have this little fun thing about going sauna, cooling down in the water, going back to sauna, etc. And they aren't really shy with their body either, haha! So I don't know how many butts I've seen running past me, just to disappear into the waters while I'm sitting on the "bridge" (I don't know the real word for it?). I don't like sauna THAT much, it happens that I go sometimes, and we have a sauna at home aswell, but I've been staying out while in Finland. I heard aswell that it's not that good to go sauna when pregnant, but Antti's mom went sauna all the time when expecting Antti and his brother, so I don't know. But I like it on the bridge or being in the water while they're in the sauna. And then I get company by a little Antti every now and then when it's time to cool down :). I'll show you a picture when I get home, taken so you can see the "bridge" and out towards the waters. It's so beautiful, and it's just below their summerhouse (and their summerhouse is just 2 km from their house, so it's close aswell!). Often, their sauna is a bit later, and then I'm sitting there watching the sun go down while waiting for their cooling-down-moment. Oh, it's so nice!

Else? Nah, not that much, mostly taken it easy, watching movies etc. We were out eating kebab one day this week, I just so wanted kebab and then Antti said we could go eat it, cutie! And then one of Antti and his brother's friends were here a couple of days so we went out to eat hamburger one day aswell :) And then their cousin stopped by for some days aswell, otherwise we've mostly been alone :) And yesterday we baked an amazing daim-mudcake, the whole thing disappeared almost right away, haha!

No news with the baby by the way, it seems to like it in there and has yet to give me any signals of wanting to get out. It could go very fast after I get the signals though, but yet I haven't felt anything anyway :) But then again, it's about 5 weeks left so we'll see.

Nah, now I'm going to take a shower, waiting for Antti to return from his drivers/theory-lesson he's having.
Take care out there, hugs!

RIP little bird :<

I wrote a long post just a second ago, accidently updated the website and everything disappeared -.- So I don't want to rewrite everything is as much detail now..

Anyway, I just drove Antti and his brother to Lempäälä because they're going to have their driverslesson and when we're driving there a bird flies out infront of the car, we just see him and then we hear the smash and then he's lying on the road behind us :( First time I kill something :( Ironicly enough, we were, just the minutes before, talking about how I didn't even want to drive over already dead birds on the road, and then I kill a living one instead.. But he did suicide!

So, I think I'll be alone here soon, his parents are going away and I can hear them packing and running around, so they might leave soon. And then I just have to find a way to make time pass until it's 11:30 and I can go pick them up again from the driverslesson :)


Finland tomorrow <3

Tomorrow I'm leaving to Finland again, it'll be my last trip there before the baby is coming :) Then I'm not allowed to travel due to every company's rules, so I'll just be home waiting after Finland. But at least I'll be staying in Finland for 2½ weeks, nice! So now I've been a good girl and printed all the papers I need, I don't really think I need the papers itself, just the bookingnumber, but it felt more safe to have all the papers printed, just incase. Have to pack aswell, haven't done that yet, or to be honest I just have to REpack. I didn't unpack since Germany, since I didn't even get a chance to use most of the clothes, so I just have to look through what I still have in there, pack some new underwear and repack the things that I've been washing. Then it's done aswell!

Tomorrow I'm taking the bus at 10:35, a bit nervous to fly all by myself for the first time actually! So I'll go with Swebus all the way to Arlanda (Our biggest airport) and then I'll have 1 hour and 35 minutes to get lost before my flight departs, haha. Felt better than to just have 50 minutes, especially since I have to checkin 40 minutes ahead and you never know with the busses, even if it's the "flightbus". Then my plane departs at 13:40 and I'll be there 15:35 (local times). It's gonna be so nice to get there almost right after leaving! Now I'll take exactly 5 hours + the time it takes to get my bag, instead of 1 hour train, 11 hours boat, 2 hours train again.. Plus all the waiting time inbetween! So it'll be nice to just go and then arrive right away :)

I forgot to tell you all that we've been watching this dog for a few days now. A really cute Cockerspaniel-guy named Max. He's been running around the house for 2 days now, 3 if you count today, and tonight he's going home again - which is so far away, it's the neighbours dog :) He do have some sort of controllneed though, as he always has to know where everyone are! He came down to me half past 5 one morning just to check that I was still where I was supposed to be, haha :) And then he always look so sad, the race got those "hanging-eyes" so no matter what, they look really sad! Oh, he's so cute! :)

But now I'm gonna go finish my packing so it's done, feels like I don't have that much more time to fix everything on :) Hugs!

Parent's allowance

Me and dad just applied to get parent's allowance, it feels like it's getting closer when you do these kind of things :) Felt like it's be good to have some money on the account before it was born, so you have some money incase you need them for something. Then we'll see if the baby decides to be early because then I won't have the money before it's born anyway, haha! But it feels nice to know that I'll get the money before or right after it's born at least :) It's actually only 52 days left! And +-2 weeks makes it 38-66 days! And 38 days is basically just about a month. But then it could be showing up at any point, so shouldn't set the dates in stone, but still :)

Me and mom are going out to rent a movie for the evening now, hugs! :)


Today I had another visit to my midwife, and just as I was complaining yesterday, my uterus-size was SMALLER than last time.. I told you she didn't meassure it a good way... Al though my midwife did say that it could also depend on how the baby was lying that last time, but still. The heartsounds were good, he or she didn't have a steady beat and apparently it wasn't supposed to keep itself the same way all the time, so that was also a good thing. And the baby already turned head down :) So at least it won't be any trouble with the baby wanting to come out leg first, haha, and that's actually a bit calming :)

And then I'm so lucky that I pass by the store on my way home, so my dear family ditched me and breakfast this morning and told me to drive past the store and get some new, freshly baked bread on my way home, haha. Oh, they abuse me so much for my licence, but it's still fun to drive so, who cares? :)

Now, me and mom are going to go down to the city and look at shoes, the ones I have right now have lots of thin ribbons (?) and my feet are swelling so fast right now, so feels like I need new shoes with less and thicker ribbons on. Preparing for Finland, you know :)



I woke up just now, was lying awake for awhile in my bed and turned back and forth from side to side for awhile. Then I turned over to my back. Normally, I don't lie on my back since I cannot sleep that way, it just doesn't feel good lying on my back anymore, but I can be that way for awhile. So I turned to my back anyway and look straight up. And there is this GIANT SPIDER there! Bleh, I went straight up from bed, straight up the stairs and started complaining "THERE'S A GIANT SPIDER IN MY ROOM!" to my mom. She doesn't like spiders either, so she pretty much redirected me to my dad, who eventually came down and caught it. The spider's body was at least 2-3 cm and the legs at least the same lenght! It was so gross and it was sitting right above my head in the roof!

Oh well, now I'll celebrate this whole thing with breakfast, hugs!


Today we were in the summerhouse of my grandparents, just relaxing. Think we arrived there around 12:30, starting the day with some cakes. Then my dad, grandfather and Marcus went out to fish a bit, I stayed since apparently they were going to take the boat out and I didn't want to stand there in that tiny boat with 3 others :) So me, mom and grandmother stayed and just talked while they were out :)

After about 2 hours they returned with this "Monsterfish", as my brother called it. Ironic, it was tiny haha! But my grandfather saved it because "after 5-6 of those, you get a whole meal!", haha :) Then the boys started the grill and made some meat, while me and my grandmother made salad, potatoes and sauce.

After dinner we had desert, strawberries and icecream, yummy! After that we went home again, after a whole day out there :)

Finished the last for the Finland trip today, booked the busticket that is bringing me to and from Arlanda. I'm leaving on Wednesday, this time with flight :) Exciting :)

Now I'm going to make myself a sandwich, then go to bed. Hugs! :)

w.33 (32+0)

You're at day 225 of 280 (80,4%)
You are in week 33
You have completed 32 full weeks and 0 full days (w32+0)
You are in the 7:th calendarmonth
You are in the 9:th pregnancymonth
You are in trimester three
Calucated due date Thurs 1 Sep 2011
You have 55 days left until your due date

Body: Even though your belly is big, it is good to keep your muscles going as much as you can. Walks, swimming and pregnancy-yoga usually feels good. Some cannot be active due to different problems - to not gain too much you can compensate the lack of exercise with not eating more than normally. You'll need about 300 extra calories per day due to pregnancy. That corresponds one "snack" with, for example, sour milk with cereals, a sandwich and an apple a day. The heavier you get, the more common it is for your feet and legs to get swollen. Lie down with your legs high up for awhile and use stockings the entire day. It's good to put the stockings on before even leaving bed. A bath can help.

Baby: The baby gains weight fast and weights about two kilos. If it'd be born now, it'd need some breathing-help, heat and help with getting the milk for a few weeks time. There's no longer much space for the baby to turn around in the uterus, the baby will then finally place itself in delivery position. Usually the baby will turn head down. Three-four percent remain in seat-position.

Otherwise? Well, we were going to be in Germany untill 10th, as I said. Wrong, wrong, wrong. We came there and it was RAINING. It was the first day though, and around 20.00, so it wasn't doing much harm at that point. The next day it was overcast and about 15-16 degrees outside. Same the following day. And then rain once more the day after. So we went home. Great place, really, IF it had been nice weather or if you were hurt.. There were two reha-clinics and a "therapy- and vitalcenter", so felt like some health-resort from time to time. Otherwise it was a really nice beach (but the sea was full of jelly-fish, so I wouldn't be swimming there anyway, haha!), really cozy beach-front and full of nice restaurants. But as I said, IF it had been nice weather. So we packed out stuffs and went home those 90 miles in one day, and now we're lying in the sun and relaxing instead. Isn't it ironic, we had to leave our vacation to get some sun? :)

Today we're going to the city to watch Power Meet for awhile I think. Mom realized this great idea that it doesn't matter if they're going somewhere and have already been drinking, they always have a sober chauffeur now, haha... I knew getting my license was a bad idea! :) So I think they're taking a beer down there, and then using their private chauffeur to get home, haha :)

Tomorrow we're going to my grandparents summerhouse. There'll be a (very) late mothersday celebration, and we wanted to fish a bit. So me, Marcus, dad and my grandfather will probably take the boat out for awhile, while my mom and grandmother stays on dry land :) Then we're going to grill something to eat and just have it nice there. That's one of the advantages with going home earlier, since now we can go to the summerhouse once during the summer at least, then I'm leaving to Finland on wednesday and staying until July ends.

Oh well, now I'm gonna get some breakfast into my stomach, I'll write later and post some of the Germany-pictures we took before going home :) Hugs!

w.32 (31+0)

You are in week 32.
You've completed 31 full weeks and 0 full days (w30+0).
You are in the 7:th calendarmonth.
You are in the 8:th pregnancymonth.
You are in trimester three.
Calculated date of delivery Thurs 1 sep 2011
You have 62 days until calculated delivery.

Body: Even though your lung capacity has increased, one can easily become short of breath when doing something strenuous. Becoming short of breath is normal and the child will recieve as much oxygen no matter how wheezy you feel. At the end of the pregnancy, the pressure on the arteries could get too big if you lie on your back, which could make both you and the child feel ill. Your midwife usually recommend that you lie on your side when you are sleeping. This is usually the position that feels the best anyway, al though it might be nice to have a pillow under your stomach to support it. In some counties you now have an extra ultrasound to check that the child is growing properly.

Baby: At this time the baby weights about 1500 grams and is approximately 40 centimetre long. The baby now has better control over its body temperature. The lungs are fully developed and the child is practicing by breathing down the amniotic fluid in them, often causing the baby to get hiccups. Toenails are growing more and more. The baby's kicks are now more as sharp pushes and one can easily distinguish the different body parts from eachother. Sometimes you may feel a sharp swiftly move across the stomach, it could be a knee or a foot. While the baby is having hiccups, you can also get an idea of which way the baby is angled, you can feel the hiccup the most from the baby's back.

Oh, and now I'll be gone for about a week, going to Germany with the family :) So you probably won't hear much from me until I'm home 10th again! So have a nice time now, and I promise to have the same :)

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