Graduation tomorrow

So, tomorrow it's graduation. Finally, or? Still sick of it, but pretty nice to meet the relatives that are showing up at least :) Should be there at 9 tomorrow for the grades and the graduationcermony, then it's photography at 10 with the class (and I love having my photo taken, or?). 10.30 it's "mingle" with canapés and cider. It will be interesting to see if they're having alchohol-cider since no alcohol was to be brought by the students, so are they giving us alcoholfree cider then? And if they do have alcohol-cider, are they having an alcoholfree option for me for example? Oh well, we'll see, haha. Then I'm going on the truck around the city while looking a bit retarded (especially since I'm the only girl on it, haha..) and then probably lunch with family + grandmother and grandfather, followed by going home and waiting for my aunt, her husband and my cousins to get here to eat food and then cake :)

I've been baking all day in the heat, bleh how hot it can be with the oven on in the middle of the day, haha! But it worked and I made my cupcakes :) So tomorrow I'll fix yet another cupcake sort (different flavor) and then the cake, hope they're as yummy as the cupcakes! I'll put in a picture in case someone wants to see them. It's the first time I do cupcakes with frosting on the top, so it was a bit exciting :)

Have a nice evening / graduation morning :)


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