Today we were in the summerhouse of my grandparents, just relaxing. Think we arrived there around 12:30, starting the day with some cakes. Then my dad, grandfather and Marcus went out to fish a bit, I stayed since apparently they were going to take the boat out and I didn't want to stand there in that tiny boat with 3 others :) So me, mom and grandmother stayed and just talked while they were out :)

After about 2 hours they returned with this "Monsterfish", as my brother called it. Ironic, it was tiny haha! But my grandfather saved it because "after 5-6 of those, you get a whole meal!", haha :) Then the boys started the grill and made some meat, while me and my grandmother made salad, potatoes and sauce.

After dinner we had desert, strawberries and icecream, yummy! After that we went home again, after a whole day out there :)

Finished the last for the Finland trip today, booked the busticket that is bringing me to and from Arlanda. I'm leaving on Wednesday, this time with flight :) Exciting :)

Now I'm going to make myself a sandwich, then go to bed. Hugs! :)


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