I woke up just now, was lying awake for awhile in my bed and turned back and forth from side to side for awhile. Then I turned over to my back. Normally, I don't lie on my back since I cannot sleep that way, it just doesn't feel good lying on my back anymore, but I can be that way for awhile. So I turned to my back anyway and look straight up. And there is this GIANT SPIDER there! Bleh, I went straight up from bed, straight up the stairs and started complaining "THERE'S A GIANT SPIDER IN MY ROOM!" to my mom. She doesn't like spiders either, so she pretty much redirected me to my dad, who eventually came down and caught it. The spider's body was at least 2-3 cm and the legs at least the same lenght! It was so gross and it was sitting right above my head in the roof!

Oh well, now I'll celebrate this whole thing with breakfast, hugs!


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