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I didn't have any energy left to write this weekend, felt like I had enough to do anyway, haha. This saturday my grandmother, her "boyfriend", my aunt and her youngest child came here and visited. We ate good food, spoke and just had a nice time here, and then they stayed the night here aswell. So the entire saturday went there, and half of the sunday aswell, then we got some sparetime, haha, and then I didn't have any energy to update the blog to be honest :) My aunt also brought me a lot of babythings that she no longer needed and wanted to get rid of, so now I have updated my baby-collection with two babysitters (one upstairs, one downstairs, so I won't have to carry it up and down the stairs all the time), a second babygym (same there), a babysling, a music-mobile for the bed, a cute hanging teddybear for the stroller, and lots and lots of toys such as these soft books, mirror-toys, cubes, etc etc. A lot of good and nice things, thanks a lot!

The day today started pretty bad, I woke up and still felt ill from yesterday evening, so I was lying in bed for quite some time, just waiting to see if it'd pass while texting a bit to Antti, refused to get up basically, haha. Then the phone rang, so I had to get up and answer, and then my illness went worse. Eventually, I had to throw up, but at least it felt a little bit better than. Then I sat down at the computer, hopeing the illness would go away so I could eat some breakfast and eventually I forced myself into eating it. It actually felt a bit better after eating it. So I then continued the day with good stuffs instead! I started a machine with clothes, put them up to dry when it was finished, started a second machine, ironed some other clothes, emptied the dishwasher, filled it again, and then put the second machine of clothes up to dry. I was going to put a third machine on, but we were out of the rinse thingy to put into the machine so I couldn't, but I think I've been good anyway? ;) And after all of that, I think I deserve some time at the computer, don't you agree? :)

It was also awhile ago since you got a new picture, so here's one from sometime during last week, w.38 that is! Not that big, right? Haha, I feel light enough I can tell you :)


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