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Well, I haven't been writing in awhile now, haha. Got home from Finland this Sunday and got a little Finnish person with me aswell, so I haven't been all that interested about the computer these days to be honest.

What did I do in Finland?
Well, first of all, he's living out in the forest/country side, so we couldn't get into the city all that easily. So we relaxed, watched movies, just cuddled, you know. And got a scratchmark from one of his cats, haha. I don't think she liked me (A).

One day we managed to get ourselves into the city and his brother's apartment to spend the night there. Got something to eat with his brother and one of his friends and then went to the cinema to see Limitless. Pretty nice movie to be honest, and luckily for me, the subtitles are both finnish and swedish, haha!

What am I doing now?
NOW I'm on my english lesson, haha! Nah, but seriously, we've just taken it easy here aswell. Played some croquet and bowler with my brother and sometimes even my parents, watched movies, just relaxed. Right now he's in the city and waiting for my englishlesson to end, so we can eat and watch the cinema, again :). We were going to see Thor 3D because he wanted to see a 3D movie, but it just had the premier yesterday so there weren't that many places left to sit, so we might change the movie. But we'll see.

Next week
Antti is leaving on Satuday (sad face), so I guess I'll update more after that. On monday I'm meeting my midwife again, so I guess I'll talk, take bloodtest and maybe listen to heartsounds, I think. But we'll see then, I'll be writing more on Monday anyway, so stay calm :)

Nah, gonna see if I can end soon and go kiss my Antti a little (A)<3

Take care :)


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