Uppdates :)

Well, I haven't been writing in awhile now, haha. Got home from Finland this Sunday and got a little Finnish person with me aswell, so I haven't been all that interested about the computer these days to be honest.

What did I do in Finland?
Well, first of all, he's living out in the forest/country side, so we couldn't get into the city all that easily. So we relaxed, watched movies, just cuddled, you know. And got a scratchmark from one of his cats, haha. I don't think she liked me (A).

One day we managed to get ourselves into the city and his brother's apartment to spend the night there. Got something to eat with his brother and one of his friends and then went to the cinema to see Limitless. Pretty nice movie to be honest, and luckily for me, the subtitles are both finnish and swedish, haha!

What am I doing now?
NOW I'm on my english lesson, haha! Nah, but seriously, we've just taken it easy here aswell. Played some croquet and bowler with my brother and sometimes even my parents, watched movies, just relaxed. Right now he's in the city and waiting for my englishlesson to end, so we can eat and watch the cinema, again :). We were going to see Thor 3D because he wanted to see a 3D movie, but it just had the premier yesterday so there weren't that many places left to sit, so we might change the movie. But we'll see.

Next week
Antti is leaving on Satuday (sad face), so I guess I'll update more after that. On monday I'm meeting my midwife again, so I guess I'll talk, take bloodtest and maybe listen to heartsounds, I think. But we'll see then, I'll be writing more on Monday anyway, so stay calm :)

Nah, gonna see if I can end soon and go kiss my Antti a little (A)<3

Take care :)


Today I'm leaving to Finland, wiho! Got to pack the last, take a shower, etc.

Anyway, I'll be staying for a week, so I'm home the evening of 24th, so I wouldn't recommend texting or so while I'm there (Not like that many on the english blog are actually texting, haha).

Anything else? Nah, not really. I guess I'll update something in Finland, otherwise I'll hear you again in a week :)

Take care!

w.21 picture

Week 21 (20+0) picture :)


w.21 (20+1)

You are in week 21.
You've completed 20 full weeks and 0 full days (v20+0).
You are in the 5th calendarmonth.
You are in the 6th pregnancymonth.
You are in trimester two.
You have 139 days left to go.

Entering week 21 today, going pretty fast by now. But I won't be writing more right now, I'm gonna go eat before heading home. I guess I'll take a picture then aswell, to represent week 21 so you can see the stomach :)



Not going to write that much, so insanely tired, so I'll go sleep right away after this. Bought some new clothes today anyway, love the bear"suit", it's so soft and so cute!

Also called my mid-wife today, new meeting 2/5, more bloodtest, bleh :(



Today I was at the IKEA reopening. Shopped a few more things, so now I actually have a bed for the mattress, aswell as a changing table. They are in the garage for now, but it was these two at least:

I also bought a few more things:

A small "bathtub", a cozy sheepskin to lie on or have in the stroller (so soft!), a storing .. thing? You hang it down from the roof, and it was so cheap (9 SEK/1 euro) that it was worth it even if I won't use it, haha. Some towels in different sizes and a cozy blanket. :) Feels like it's getting closer now, even though it's almost half the time left, haha!

Now the bed is calling, goodnight :)


Woke up this morning around 7.30 and felt ill, so I got up and got something to eat and then went back to bed. Fell asleep almost right away and woke up at 11. So fucking nice to be honest, haha. Not that I needed it, but it was really nice to just be a bit lazy, you know.

Although, when I woke up I felt very big, more than normally when lying down, so I used my phone to see how big I actually was, and I'm shocked, haha!

Pretty big to be lying down flat on the back?!

Another funny thing with pictures is that, when seeing myself every day in the mirror, I don't really notice how big I've grown. So I looked up an old picture from week 15 and compared it next to one from yesterday in week 20 (19+4).

Biiit of a difference, yes? :) Haha!

Now I'm gonna continue being good here at home. Did some laundry just now, and was going to study a bit while I'm waiting for the next laundry to get done.

Take care!


This morning I stayed in bed for long, tihi! Nah, but the little thing in my stomach woke me up in the middle of the night and forced me to throw up, so when I woke up I was poking the stomach a bit as revenge, and it was kicking me back, so cute! So I was lying there poking it, and got kicked back fror sooo long, oh, how I love to feel it's movements! <3


So, nu updates yesterday, I was too lazy to go down and get new log-ins for the internet, so I had to manage without internet yesterday evening :)

Unfortunately, the luck turned after the Stockholm game, they won with 10-2, not too unexpected. The game today against Örebro was really exciting though! Started with 3-0 to us in the first period, they turned it to 3-4 in second period, and we gained 6-4, still in second. In the last they reduce it to 6-5 and after that it all went to hell basically. The last 10 minutes we just let them put the ball in the goal over and over again, and it ended with 6-11, haha.. So no more games now, we had to go home. But pretty nice to be home aswell to be honest :)

So after about 8 hours in the backseat with pillow, blanket, candy and feeling some kicks every now and then, I'm finally home. Went to get some pizza aswell before going home, but I couldn't eat it for some reason, so I got it all left for tomorrow, haha.

Here's the picture of the clothes by the way :) The two body's are maybe a bit more guy-ish, but I think they're pretty neutral anyway, I don't see any wrong putting those on a girl either, in my opinion. But I'm totally in love with the grey pants, I love them! <3

I also managed to get myself a sweater aswell, but dad had to pay that one, it was a liiiiittle more expensive (A) Haha!

But now my bed is calling so I get some sleep :) Goodnight!


So, I just returned after the game, Västmanlands länslag beat Västernorrbotten with 4-3, so they're 2-0 win/lost at the moment :)

Now I'm just waiting for the rest of the parents to come here (About 30 minutes) so I can finally go get some food! I'm starving, haha, but what to expect when eating for two? :) 

New match around 20:15 I believe, can they beat Stockholms län? I'm doubting it, actually, but we'll see :)

First clothes

So, I'm still in Umeå, and we started the day by taking a trip in the city.
Was checking around at some clothes and realized KappAhl hade a sale, and on babyclothes aswell!
Even more awesome was that mom had this offer for half the salesprice until Sunday! Perfect perfect!
So I bought 2 body's and 1 pair of pants for 30 SEK each! And then another pair of pants for full price of 70 SEK.

So 4 clothes for 160 SEK, not too bad? :)
Will probably add some pictures later :)

It's now you start to realize someone is inside of me, growing, when I can buy all these things to it :)

Ah well, take care! I'm off to check some more games, haha! Västmanlands län (brother's team) won their game yesterday with 16-3 by the way, pretty nice huh?


Had a bit of problem with the english site, for some reason it was redirected to the swedish one and I couldn't post anything new at all! Stupid blog.. But it's fixed now :)

So first of, the ultrasound pictures <3

Dots are knees, lines are elbows, then the head, from "up"side of it :)

The "classical view" as she calls it, since everyone wants a picture this way, haha.

This one must be my favorite though, because it was actually moving its fingers just as it was waving right before that picture!

So, what else? Yesterday it was my dad's birthday, so we celebrated him with flowers and some cake (I actually baked some since he loves them, and then we bough something else aswell :))

And how about today? I just entered week 20 (19+0) today. 146 days to go, haha..
I've been in the car since 8.30 today and I'm now at the hotel in Umeå, all alone! My brother is playing the "HJ17 Floorball SM" (Guys age 17 Floorball Sweden Mastership, kind of?) and my parents went to check another game where my brother is not playing, so I stayed at the hotel instead. So I'm sitting here in bed with the computer on my knee, the orangejuice on the side of me and feeling a bit fat :) Waiting for my parents to return in an hour or so, I guess, so we can go eat some dinner. And then at around 20.30 or so we're going to watch my brother play his game.

Stomach, sitting at week 20, haha!


Could also tell that she moved me from 2/9 to 1/9, so my mid-wife was pretty close with determenating the date :)
So I've completed 18 weeks and 4 days now. :)


Went to the ultrasound today, she was checking every inch of the baby, everything from head and stomach to heart and every vertebra. So nice to see it! Could see the heart beat and how it was moving, it didn't want to be still, haha! Strange that I don't feel more movements than I do compared to how much it's moving. It was waving to me aswell, so cute! We moved that thing you're using to see with, and right at that moment it was moving the fingers like it was waving!

I'll put pictures out later when I get home and can put the pictures to the computer. Take care for now :)!

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