So, nu updates yesterday, I was too lazy to go down and get new log-ins for the internet, so I had to manage without internet yesterday evening :)

Unfortunately, the luck turned after the Stockholm game, they won with 10-2, not too unexpected. The game today against Örebro was really exciting though! Started with 3-0 to us in the first period, they turned it to 3-4 in second period, and we gained 6-4, still in second. In the last they reduce it to 6-5 and after that it all went to hell basically. The last 10 minutes we just let them put the ball in the goal over and over again, and it ended with 6-11, haha.. So no more games now, we had to go home. But pretty nice to be home aswell to be honest :)

So after about 8 hours in the backseat with pillow, blanket, candy and feeling some kicks every now and then, I'm finally home. Went to get some pizza aswell before going home, but I couldn't eat it for some reason, so I got it all left for tomorrow, haha.

Here's the picture of the clothes by the way :) The two body's are maybe a bit more guy-ish, but I think they're pretty neutral anyway, I don't see any wrong putting those on a girl either, in my opinion. But I'm totally in love with the grey pants, I love them! <3

I also managed to get myself a sweater aswell, but dad had to pay that one, it was a liiiiittle more expensive (A) Haha!

But now my bed is calling so I get some sleep :) Goodnight!


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