Had a bit of problem with the english site, for some reason it was redirected to the swedish one and I couldn't post anything new at all! Stupid blog.. But it's fixed now :)

So first of, the ultrasound pictures <3

Dots are knees, lines are elbows, then the head, from "up"side of it :)

The "classical view" as she calls it, since everyone wants a picture this way, haha.

This one must be my favorite though, because it was actually moving its fingers just as it was waving right before that picture!

So, what else? Yesterday it was my dad's birthday, so we celebrated him with flowers and some cake (I actually baked some since he loves them, and then we bough something else aswell :))

And how about today? I just entered week 20 (19+0) today. 146 days to go, haha..
I've been in the car since 8.30 today and I'm now at the hotel in Umeå, all alone! My brother is playing the "HJ17 Floorball SM" (Guys age 17 Floorball Sweden Mastership, kind of?) and my parents went to check another game where my brother is not playing, so I stayed at the hotel instead. So I'm sitting here in bed with the computer on my knee, the orangejuice on the side of me and feeling a bit fat :) Waiting for my parents to return in an hour or so, I guess, so we can go eat some dinner. And then at around 20.30 or so we're going to watch my brother play his game.

Stomach, sitting at week 20, haha!


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