First clothes

So, I'm still in Umeå, and we started the day by taking a trip in the city.
Was checking around at some clothes and realized KappAhl hade a sale, and on babyclothes aswell!
Even more awesome was that mom had this offer for half the salesprice until Sunday! Perfect perfect!
So I bought 2 body's and 1 pair of pants for 30 SEK each! And then another pair of pants for full price of 70 SEK.

So 4 clothes for 160 SEK, not too bad? :)
Will probably add some pictures later :)

It's now you start to realize someone is inside of me, growing, when I can buy all these things to it :)

Ah well, take care! I'm off to check some more games, haha! Västmanlands län (brother's team) won their game yesterday with 16-3 by the way, pretty nice huh?


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