No baby!

So, nope, no baby yet, haha. After 3 hours with regular contractions every 3-5 minutes they started to slow down and turn longer in between them, with about 7-10 minutes, until they totally died for awhile. Around 14 they were pretty regular again but with 7-10 minutes in between them, and coming closer and closer. At 20 I couldn't take it anymore (they were then coming with 5 minutes inbetween) so I called the deliveryward and asked what they should we should do since it felt like my back was going to break each contraction, I was walking bent forward like the Hunchback. She said it sounded like it was starting and that I could come up there whenever I felt like 'Now I need more help'. So we stayed home for another hour almost, mom was watching tv and in a commercial we drove away, so a bit before 21.

She connected me to the CTG again to meassure all the values again. The heartrate of the baby sounded nice as always, and the contractions-meter went up to 83 as a maxpoint, if you remember it was 39 last time when I felt nothing (and 20+ was counted as contraction). But around ~35 this time I felt it in my stomach and when it went higher it moved over to my back. Bleh! At least they were coming regularly and the other values looked good, so she took the CTG away and started feeling on my stomach instead, apparenrly it was very important to know how the baby was lying in there and apparently I have a frog in there, haha. It wasn't positioned anything like she thought, as she was asking if most of the kicks were on the total opposite side of what they actually are :) So a little frog <3 Then she felt for the head to see that it was actually fixated, and it was. And then she wanted to see if I was open something, so down with her fingers and poke around in there, felt a bit.. different, haha. I'm used to having fingers there for another reason, and then it's not another girl doing it ;) Was open 4 cm at least and she told me we could stay for awhile and we'll see if something happens.

So me and mom took a cup or hot chocolate/coffee and watched some tv, and then started walking in the corridor. Didn't get to walk that much though until she came to us and told me that it doesn't look like I'm in that much pain, so they'd just give me a "sleeping dose" and send me home to rest. So I got ½ contraction-"killers" (They didn't actually kill, but I felt them less), 2 pain-killers and 1 sleeping pill. It was wonderful for the back though, the pain just totally disappeared! And I slept so nice to be honest, even if I was a bit "worried" about the sleeping pill, a pill shouldn't decide when to sleep and for how long, haha :)

Now, the only problem is that I don't feel the contractions yet, I don't know if it's the painkillers still not totally worn off, or if they died during night, but she said they wouldn't. I think it's just the painkillers though, because I'm starting to feel it more and more in my stomach and a bit in the back, so we'll see. And if it doesn't start hurting again, I have my "overcarried"controll or whatever you want to call it, the one you have when you've gone 42 full weeks, at 12.00 so I have to return by then anyway.

So well, hopefully a baby today, but you never know :) I'll keep in touch whenever I have more information :)


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