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Well, I haven't had time to write that much lately, haha! Last time I told you I went in, got the sleepingpills and such and how the contractions died. So I'll continue from there. At 12 on Friday I had my "2-weeks-over" control, but still no contractions basically (a few, but really soft). They checked me again, still open 4 cm so nothing more had happen basically, and since I had no contractions I could go home again, but at least they gave me a time for starting me up the day after, at 08.00.

As soon as I got home I started feeling the contractions again, so I went out on a walk in a fast pace. The contractions came stronger and stronger, and in total I took 3 walks around the area in pretty fast pace (to be pregnant, that is, haha!) and a couple of plums from my neighbour (plums are supposed to be this old thing for starting the whole birthgiving!) and I don't know if it was the walking, the plums, both of them together or if it was just time, but at about 18 I couldn't stand the contractions anymore, thought my back would break in two! So mom made the food, said I needed to eat before going there anyway to get more energy. Well, easier said than done, I only ate bread basically and couldn't eat anything else. So at 18.53 we were outside the deliveryward, putting in that last coin we needed to pay (since you only pay for the parking until 19.00, haha!). They wrote me in right away this time and gave me a room. They added the CTG again and the value was a lot higher right away now, think it went over 100 this time. So I was lying there with the CTG and after that I could walk around, so I took one of those "walking-tables" so I could hang over it and walk back and forth in the corridor.

A bit after 21 I pressed that button and asked for something to kill my pain, my back couldn't handle anymore. The midwife asked me if I could handle another 20 minutes, they had staff-change by then and they weren't planing on doing any examination down there before changing the staff. Oh well, I'll manage I thought. But once the new staff comes in and present themselves she starts with "I have another patient that is in a lot of pain, but I'll be back with you in 30 minutes". Pff, no painkillers yet. An hour after she said that she still wasn't back, and I'm not getting my nitrous oxide (or "laughing-gas") until the time is closer to 23-23:30, so about 2 hours after asking for it. She also examine if I'm more open by then, but tells me "4-5 cm, so about the same as before". I thought I'd die, not a single cm more since Thursday night? Over a whole day and nothing has happened? They're asking me if I want epidural, and I do. I'm not getting it until after 1 though, but damn, that felt nice. I could even sleep for awhile!

At 3 I wake up to a contraction and it hurts again! I'm lying awake for about half an hour before I wake up my mom. One midwife examines me and tells me I'm about 7 cm open now. Well, it's not going quickly at least, haha. They decide that they're going to remove the foetal membrane, which was a good decision since they then notice that the baby had been pooping inside the uterus, which isn't good. They also give me contraction-boosting drip so that I'll open up faster.

At 5 she examines me again, I'm totally open and she tells me that if I'm being active now and walking around we can probably deliver this baby pretty soon, so she demands me to be out and walk until 6 and she'll be back and examine me again by then. So me and mom walk back and forth through the short corridor (that felt like an eternity to walk through), slowly slowly. Every contraction I have to stop and hang over my walking-chair (I had sore muscles in my arms after that!) and mom gave me massage on the back.

At 6 she comes in to examine me, just to tell me that it hasn't gone down as far as she was hoping and she realised that she was not going to be the one to deliver this baby before staff-change. She gave us a guess and said it'd be out by 8, oh, how wrong she could be, haha. So we get new staff again and continue to work our way through the pains. I couldn't walk anymore so I was just lying in bed by now. After awhile they asked me to stand on my knees in bed and hang over the back of the bed, which would give the baby more room to go down. So I was standing like that until my knees got all tired and changed position into standing by the side of the bed with halfbent legs and hanging over the bed with my whole upper body. And I stayed in that position until it felt like the head was as far down as it could get, but on the same time it felt like it wasn't down at all. So yet again I pushed the button and they examined me, and the head was just inside!

I then had to sit down on the bed again (which I didn't really want to, it felt really weird to sit down with the head that far down, haha!) and they added both footsupports and handles so I could push against them for extra power. I have no clue what the time was by then, but it felt like an eternity again. When they told me they could see the hair I assumed it was basically over, but no! I had LOTS of contractions left, haha. And it felt like you were going to explode down there each time, and then you could feel the head go back in, god, it was horrible and felt like it'd never be over. But mom supported me to the last moment and got me to push more than I thought I could! So the support from my mom, plus the footsupports to push against and the handles to drag with, I pushed my little girl out at 10.37.

Or well, little and little, a girl at 53 cm and 3915g. But what to expect when going a bit more than 2 weeks overtime? So 110917, at 10:37 she's born :) After that they sew me together (only external and small ones, so lucky me?) and little Nathalie got her first meal. Then we headed up to the maternity hospital and stayed a night there (Since she pooped in the uterus and I got fever later on and antibiotics against it, they wanted to keep track on us the first night.)

Got home at lunch on Sunday at least, and she was the most calm baby ever, sleeping all day! Changing diaper isn't THAT fun though, haha.

Here she's only an hour old or so, so small (and mad?) she looks!

And when we got home, the babygym was a strange thing :) Still too small to understand what to do, haha.


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