Most annoying with pregnancy/going overtime?

Do you guys know what the most annoying part is? It's not the fact that it's so sad that I have to go overtime. I've gotten used to the stomach, and I did know right away that 2 weeks +- is within the normal time, so for me it's not that sad that I have to go a couple of days longer. It's not more annoying. The annoying part is all the people around me. That are bringing those comments about how sad it is that I have to go these extra days, that are asking me how I feel, did I feel anything yet, when is the baby coming. I'm sorry, it's great that so many care, that's not what I mean, but there is a limit. If I'm on facebook and I've gotten 4 people within 20 minutes that are all asking the same questions, it'll get annoying. The baby didn't show up yet, and it won't show up faster because you're asking me questions every day when it is. I know as little as the rest about this subject, unfortunately. It'll come when it's ready. And I'm pretty sure that if I'm on facebook and there's no status update about a baby yet, it's basically 100% sure that it didn't show up yet. If it did show up, you'd probably get a status update pretty quickly, and if it's on it's way I can almost promise you that I won't be sitting at the computer with facebook going.

Summary: Don't ask me more, please. Haha, I sound like a bitch, but I don't want to reply to the same questions over and over again, every day, from the same people! You'll know when the baby has arrived, I promise. I even think there'll be a facebook update from my mobile before I'm even home, so you'll know it almost right away.

So, I'm done complaining now, hugs on everyone out there!


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