Well, as you might expect, it went a bit too fast to bring any baby home - for now. At the delivery ward my bloodpressure was totally normal, the lower value was around 80 something, and not 97 as earlier today (they even tested it 3 times during 2 different timeframes to be sure). No protein was found in the urine either, so no preeclamsia either. They did find some white corpuscles though, so it could be the start of a urinary infection, but they'll contact me on wednesday or thursday if I need to be "treated" against it.

Had to sit/lie there with a CTG thing on my stomach for a bit over half an hour so they could messure that everything was fine, if it went over 20 there was apparently a contraction going on - but it could also just be because I was laughing or the baby moving. Mine went all the way to 39 a couple of times, even though I was completely still and quiet and I didn't even feel the baby move! But on the same time, I didn't feel any contraction either? Strange. And they were coming pretty regulary so mom think it may have started a bit anyway, but shouldn't it? I mean, I am in week 41 anyway, haha.

So no, no baby so far, I'll just have to stay childless for awhile more! :)


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