When I was little..

I remember when I was little and we were going to visit my grandparents summerhouse. The last part of the trip is a pretty steep hill, and after that a relatively straight and wide road until you reach the summerhouse. I remember how we could drive the car, me and my brother. Or not really drive, we were sitting there in dad's lap and holding the steering-wheel. We were just deciding where the car was going, with the help of dad if it was needed. But it felt like driving! And when we got too big to fit on his lap we were sitting in the seat next to him and steering from there.

And now we (or not my brother yet, but he'll start soon I guess) are driving all by ourselves, handling all the pedals and we recieve no help with the steering-wheel. Only a few tips and ideas about how we can improve, or if we've done anything wrong. I thought about that when driving on the motorway this morning, during my driving-lesson. Soon I'll be sitting there all alone, no teacher, no dad, no help. All by myself.

It's pretty unbelievable how long it is since I was that little. And on the same time, it doesn't feel like it was that long ago since I was sitting there, steering. And soon I'll have my own little person that, in later age, will probbaly want to steer it aswell, all by him/her "self". Wow. It feels good, actually!


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