w. 27 (26+0)

So, as I said, I'm in week 27 now, damn the weeks are going fast!

You are in week 27.
You've completed 26 full weeks and 0 full days (v26+0).
You are in the 6:th calendarmonth.
You are in the 7:th pregnancymonth.
You are in trimester two.
Calculated date of delivery Thurs 1 sep 2011
You have 97 days until calculated delivery.

97 days! That's under 100 now! It's like the "100-days-party we have for the students, just less drinking and more lazyness, haha.

Gonna throw in the "description" for this week aswell :)

Body: The uterus has grown and its topmost part is now a bit above the belly. For many women, their breasts continues to be tense and a bit sore during the entire pregnancy and it can leak some fluid from them. Extra fat is stored in the breasts and the glands are growing.
Many women start to lose their breath more easily since they have increased blood volume in their body.
Some can feel a bit restless at night after going this far into the pregnancy, often you're bothered by the need to get up and pee. Many also feel that they dream more now, often about the baby or the delivery of the child. It is probably the body's way to prepare itself mentally, you may not dream more, but as you wake up more often it may be that you remember dreams better.

The child: Its muscles in the arms and legs get stronger and sometimes the child can get a real hit on the ribs or the bladder, which can be painful.
Now, the child has big chances of survival if born prematurely, but every week, and even days, makes a big difference. The child weighs between 900 grams and one kilogram. If it was to be born now, it can breathe air and its intestines are able to receive breast milk.

(Don't mind all the grammar on it, I was lazy because I'm in a hurry, so most of the translation is just purely google translate that I managed to sort out a bit, haha!)


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