Outdoor-recreation-day. Or?

Today, my school got this "outdoor-recreation-day" (Or at least my translator said it that way, haha). Basically we're going out to walk 1.2 miles and then cook in the forest. Or? I don't have to, ofc, haha, so I'm sitting in school and working with multimedia. Bleh, it's so boring, not the subject itself, but the teacher and his assignments makes it so boring. But oh well, I'm gonna fix this now! I have to! I'm making an interactive pictureshow thingy, it's supposed to be a meny and then you can choose what picture genre you want to see and how long the picture should be up before changing. The second movie of those is saving at the moment, so I got some time to write now.

If I have time, I should continue with more multimedia after, which means making a website with a interactive pictureslide, but even more interactive than mine, with "pause, play, choice of pictures" etc :/ But we don't like that, do we? But I think I'll just work with another subject if I have the time, instead.

Something pretty awesome (To me, for you it's probably really lame xD) was when I was just lying in bed this morning feeling the movements, as always, I could SEE the belly move when it was kicking once! But only once, then it got afraid of all the attention or something and stopped, haha.

And a couple of days ago it was kicking so hard that my hand moved! I was half-lying, half-sitting in bed and playing games on my iPhone, using my stomach as a support for my hand and my hand like "flew away" from the kick, haha! For me it's so awesome when you can actually feel that the baby is in there and active all the time, I love it<3

But now I'm going to continue with my multimedia, movie 2 is soon done :)

Take care!


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