Grades on friday... Stress!

So, yeah, the grades are going to be done on friday, apparently. Feeling so stressed about it. I got a few things left to do!

*Programing assignment has to be done during this week.
*Computercommunicationcomplementaries last lesson on thursday.
*Religion buddhism work somehow.
*English "test" (and the CAE after graduating!)

At least I finished my two last multimedia assignments today, and my religionassignment about hinduism, so I'm feeling a bit good. But still so stressed, bleh.

What else then? A week until I meet my midwife again. I got those darn iron pill thingys since my value was low, does that mean I have to take another bloodtest to check? I hope not...

This wednesday we're having some anti-violence day in school, bleh. I don't want to. And on friday we're having our classic - running thingy. I have to be there and help since I'm not running myself.

Oh well, I'm going to sleep now so I can get up tomorrow. Take care!


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