Today we had something we call "catchmentsday" (if you translate it, "uppsamlingsdag" here). That means that everyone that could be failing a class, anyone that has something that the deadline already expired on, or anyone that has anything to do, really, has to stay in school and do it. So my "two lessons, start 10:05 and end 13:40" went into "one lesson, one catchment, start 10:05, end 16:00" :( Although, we left at 15:40 since the teacher said okay to it.

So today I did good. I could complement some assignements in computercommunication to reach VG (Second highest grade in Sweden) instead of G (accepted, the "common grade"). So I did! Done a few different things like explaining to him how ping, tracert, FTP and such work and how they're used. So I still have to tell him about OSI-model, and then I have to update an old assignment about internets history, aswell as "build" a company-network after he gave me some terms to use. Hopefully I get those terms tomorrow, so I can finish this class tomorrow already, and then I can leave with VG and won't have to attend to anymore of those lessons, which means two lessons less each week. Me like!

Also, it's freaking hot again. I'm dying even though I'm running around in a top without sleeves.. Haha.

Oh, and I just realized that the baby will have a fun mix of languages. Imagine the baby-langugage, which could already be a bit hard to understand. Add some finnish into that,  and top it off with english. Because that's what the baby will hear all the time. I'll speak swedish to it, of course. Antti said he'll speak finnish, and me and Antti are speaking english to eachother. Exciting, haha.

Oh well, now I'm going to eat a bit, then I'll try to do something more on my "to-study-list" before there's any WoW tonight. Take care!


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