w.28 (27+1) and girlvisit!

Forgot to write yesterday, I woke up pretty late, had some problems with the computer and then I went to meet Joss, so long ago since I met her, so it was really nice :) We ate at Spicy Hot (asian food<3), which was her birthdaypresent since she didn't wish for anything special, then we went to the cinema and watched Hangover 2. We watched Hangover 1 when we got our belly piercings, so we decided to see the second now aswell. Very funny movie, to be honest, haha.

And then I went into w.28 yesterday aswell, not long to go now :)

You are in week 28.
You've completed 27 full weeks and 1 full days (v27+1).
You are in the 6:th calendarmonth.
You are in the 7:th pregnancymonth.
You are in trimester three.
Calculated date of delivery Thurs 1 sep 2011
You have 89 days until calculated delivery.

Body: The uterus is now big enough to affect how you can move around. You can still be active, but your body will let you know if you push it too much. You may start having contractions, which means the uterus will contract and become hard. It can show up when you're walking fast or have to pee. A contraction lasts for 10-30 seconds, and for it to losen up you have to stop. If the contractions start to hurt it could be a sign that your cervizx is softening up. This should be controlled by a doctor or the midwife. From now on, your visits at the midwife will increase. You'll look over the Symfus-measurement and that it is increasing at the pace it is supposed to, and that the body's values are fine. You may find yourself having mood-swings again as the body is feeling heavier and the belly feels more in the way.

Baby: The baby now weighs about 1000 grams and its length is about 35 centimeters and the feet about 5. The hairs on its head are pretty long by now. The milk-teeth are finished under the gums. The baby will now increase its weight with about 27 gram every day and has begun dreaming. What do you think your child is dreaming about?


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