Swim in the pool!

It's so damn hot again right now, and it's even more hot for me with a huge stomach and hormones playing me games, haha. So we started out with a bit of crocket on the yard with the family and then me, my brother and my mom went into the pool to cool down while dad had to fix the grill and the food, poor guy :) It was so cool and nice though!

And yeah, only 4 days until graduation now, it's so soon. I don't know really, I'm already tired of it before it even started. I see it EVERYWHERE, everyone is writing and talking about it. How they can hardly wait. I don't feel the same way about it, I don't see the reason. Everyone is going out to drink and yell and just be so happy, but what's the difference from leaving 9th grade or university? I don't see the special part about this school. But oh well, I'll be running out with the rest anyway, and I'll be going on the truck, and then my grandmother and grandfather is coming as well as my aunt and her family. So it's a pretty calm graduation for me ;)

What I do want however, is the 15th. Or actually, the 16th. I'm leaving to Finland at 15th on the evening, and on the morning of 16th I can be in my love's arms again (älskling<3), and that's something I've missed so much! So I'm not looking forward to 10th, I'm waiting for the 16th ;)

This week is calm, again, got one lesson tomorrow where we're just watching a movie, and then it's just relax until friday again. I'll be baking a cake this week aswell, to have when I graduate. I had this need to bake for so long now! Or not just bake, but to decorate a cake!  So I'll be putting sugarpaste on the cake and decorate it with flowers I think, a bit of red and green on the white cake :) What do you think about that?


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