As promised, here are some pictures, haha!
(I look horrible, so ignore that :))
The "running out", we were really excited! Or? xD
Graduationperson full of stuffs + big stomach in the way + mom giving me lolipop ;D
I look the same as when I was young, yes? I was so good looking when I was small...
Full of stuffs x)
Me and the Submarine-capten! (mom and dad called him that because he looked like one! :D)
Calm "afterparty" at my place with relatives and a few neighbours :)
And here's the cake.. A bit crappy quality on the picture (bad lightening) but you see kind of how it looked like? The cake was totally white with 4 (?) of these flowers on it + leaves and green "branches" going around on top. Inside there was white chocolate mousse and raspberry mousse and then whipped cream around to get the sugarpaste to stuck :) At least it was almost all eaten and everyone said it passed their test, so I assume it was okay at least :)
Was thinking I could show you how our midsummer looked like aswell :) Mom's relatives came over, as always to celebrate midsummer here. They live in another city, so we don't see them too often otherwise.
Me hidden at the bathroom :) This is how I looked like, with my stomach, haha!
Girl-side (Minus me, I'm at the most farthest place :D)
And the guy-side! It turned this way automaticly when we sat down, didn't even think about it, haha..
Hungry Danish-guy!
"Take a picture of meeee!"
"Mad" photograf with big stomach? ^^ Dad called my name just as I was about to take a picture myself.. :(
The worlds loooongest crocket-gameS (they never got tired...). My brother completed it about 30 minutes before the rest, at least.
Cute siblings!
Picking strawberries :)
And then "kubb" :)
Fat person with camera! If you're wondering why I have the camera on every picture it's because my aunt's husband and my dad made me the "photograf" during Midsummer , so I was running around and changed camera and photographed with both of them :)
Yesterday we celebrated my brother's birthday (21st June) and I took the opportunity to bake once more :)
Rabbit-cupcake :) I made this purely for fun, the ones we were serving looked like this:
Cupcakes with packages on :) And then I made the frosting for the mazarin aswell, I thought they looked so boring just white, so they got pink flowers on them :)
And then failed Oreo Pops. It was oreo/philadelphiacheese mix in the middle, with white chocolate around. I did NOT like them, but my cousins thought they were really good. Maybe something for the younger people to eat then?


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