No longer a student

And now I'm "unemployed", or whatever people want to call it, haha. I still don't see the summer as just summer, for me it's still a summervacation, and then I'm going for my maternity leave, so I don't know if I'd see myself as unemployed, yet :)

The day yesterday was fine even though I was a bit against it. First we got out grades and a few stipendiums and such, then we got our classphoto taken followed by canapés and (alcoholfree) cider to all the students, haha. And then we ran out! My mom, dad, grandmother and grandfather were standing there, waiting for me, with this really nice photo of me... Haha, I'll put in a picture later when I have them on the computer so you can laugh aswell :)

After that we had to wait an hour (!) extra before our truk came there, retard driver, but oh well. Then we drove around until almost 14 and then everyone left to theirs. I met mom, dad and Marcus (brother) at Mongolian Restaurant and then we ate lunch there. After that we went home to get the dinner ready for the when guests were coming again. So I did snother cupcake sort with another frosting on it, not as nice this time though because this frosting was so much harder to get even and nice. But they got eaten and all anyway, so I guess they were good, haha. And then I made a cake with raspberrymousse and white chocolate mousse in it (that's why there was white chocolate frosting and raspberry frosting on my cupcakes!) and a bit of whipped cream around it to get my homemade sugarpaste to get stuck to the cake. I forgot to take a picture of it though, but there was a bit left so I took a picture of that so you'll get the main idea how it looked on top aswell as inside. We almost ran out of cake and people said it was good, so I guess I might get to bake more times? :)

Anyway, at 6 my grandparents arrived, followed by my aunt, her husband and two of my cousins. One of the neightbour couple came over, I didn't even knew they would but apparently mom invited them :) And last one more of the neightbourcouples, they came with a student present for me so my mom invited them aswell :) So we were a couple of people there, eating italian-inspired food and had a nice time :)

Now I'm going to go down into the pool with mom I think, if she's still there, then I'll practise more car-theory, I have to make it soon! :)


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