High bloodpressure?

I've always had, on every bloodpressure I've taken, a high value. The family doctor said it's just because I'm so scared of doctors and stress myself out and gave me what is called "white-coat-synptom". I accepted that, since I am terrified of doctors!

Today I was with my midwife again, and as usual we took the bloodpressure. This time, she asked for a urinesample aswell after the bloodpressure, because it was high. It has been high the other times aswell, but this time it was higher apparently. So she checked for protein in my urine and realized there was none which is good apparently. Although, she did ask me to bring morning urine the next time, and she wanted the next time to be tomorrow already, but I don't have time since I have all my tests by then, so it's the 27th instead.

This is scaring me?


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