Bleh for dentist...

So, today I was at the dentist, bleh, I don't like it... And they gave me this huge iron-apron to prevent the baby from getting any radiation, haha, and it was heavy! But what won't I do for the baby? <3

Not as funny is the fact that a tooth needs to be repaired, so I have to return in August already. Bleh. I was hoping that I would not have to return until a couple of months from now, haha. But oh well... Just to bite together (or open your mouth big in this case) and get through it.

Today I'm going to go get a haircut, feels like it's time again. I'm hopeless at remembering to go every now and then, so I have quite damaged hair-endings. So I'll cut those away, and then we'll see what I'll do with the front of my face :) I have no clue, and I never do, haha. Shouldn't I learn what to do with it at some point? Haha.

Take care out there :)


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