I decided to play a bit with Photoshop yesterday, since I was bored, so did a quick banner, haha :)

Oh well, today the plans are to go down to the city pretty soon, just have to get the makeup done and then I'm leaving. I do want to go watch my brother and some others from his class that are having "superstar", which is a competition between several school's 9th graders (or the 6 "best" 9th graders (sportwise)), but I don't know if I have time. I remember it from when I was going to the same school, and it'd be fun to see it again, but we'll see. I have to go get an old test from the teacher aswell, so I can practise for the tests coming next week. So we'll see if I have time to see Superstar :)

Then I'm going to run around in the city and buy sugarpaste and sugarpaste-color to the cake that I'm going to bake :) I'm going to have it on friday so I guess I'll bake it tomorrow. Then I'm going to try to find my brother a present aswell, since it's his birthday soon, but the only thing he wants is a "threadmill" or he'll be disappointed he says, haha. My economy doesn't really cover for one of those though, so I'm out of ideas :) But we'll see if I can find something maybe. And then I'll also buy something for Antti, since it's his birthday on Saturday<3 BUt he has to wait for his present until at least 16th, because that's when I'm going to Finland, poor guy, haha :)

We'll see if I'm having time over, because then I might check for a new bikini aswell, I don't really like mine that I have atm, but we'll see :)

Oh well, going for the makeup now, so have a nice day in the warm sun! :)


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