w.33 (32+0)

You're at day 225 of 280 (80,4%)
You are in week 33
You have completed 32 full weeks and 0 full days (w32+0)
You are in the 7:th calendarmonth
You are in the 9:th pregnancymonth
You are in trimester three
Calucated due date Thurs 1 Sep 2011
You have 55 days left until your due date

Body: Even though your belly is big, it is good to keep your muscles going as much as you can. Walks, swimming and pregnancy-yoga usually feels good. Some cannot be active due to different problems - to not gain too much you can compensate the lack of exercise with not eating more than normally. You'll need about 300 extra calories per day due to pregnancy. That corresponds one "snack" with, for example, sour milk with cereals, a sandwich and an apple a day. The heavier you get, the more common it is for your feet and legs to get swollen. Lie down with your legs high up for awhile and use stockings the entire day. It's good to put the stockings on before even leaving bed. A bath can help.

Baby: The baby gains weight fast and weights about two kilos. If it'd be born now, it'd need some breathing-help, heat and help with getting the milk for a few weeks time. There's no longer much space for the baby to turn around in the uterus, the baby will then finally place itself in delivery position. Usually the baby will turn head down. Three-four percent remain in seat-position.

Otherwise? Well, we were going to be in Germany untill 10th, as I said. Wrong, wrong, wrong. We came there and it was RAINING. It was the first day though, and around 20.00, so it wasn't doing much harm at that point. The next day it was overcast and about 15-16 degrees outside. Same the following day. And then rain once more the day after. So we went home. Great place, really, IF it had been nice weather or if you were hurt.. There were two reha-clinics and a "therapy- and vitalcenter", so felt like some health-resort from time to time. Otherwise it was a really nice beach (but the sea was full of jelly-fish, so I wouldn't be swimming there anyway, haha!), really cozy beach-front and full of nice restaurants. But as I said, IF it had been nice weather. So we packed out stuffs and went home those 90 miles in one day, and now we're lying in the sun and relaxing instead. Isn't it ironic, we had to leave our vacation to get some sun? :)

Today we're going to the city to watch Power Meet for awhile I think. Mom realized this great idea that it doesn't matter if they're going somewhere and have already been drinking, they always have a sober chauffeur now, haha... I knew getting my license was a bad idea! :) So I think they're taking a beer down there, and then using their private chauffeur to get home, haha :)

Tomorrow we're going to my grandparents summerhouse. There'll be a (very) late mothersday celebration, and we wanted to fish a bit. So me, Marcus, dad and my grandfather will probably take the boat out for awhile, while my mom and grandmother stays on dry land :) Then we're going to grill something to eat and just have it nice there. That's one of the advantages with going home earlier, since now we can go to the summerhouse once during the summer at least, then I'm leaving to Finland on wednesday and staying until July ends.

Oh well, now I'm gonna get some breakfast into my stomach, I'll write later and post some of the Germany-pictures we took before going home :) Hugs!


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