RIP little bird :<

I wrote a long post just a second ago, accidently updated the website and everything disappeared -.- So I don't want to rewrite everything is as much detail now..

Anyway, I just drove Antti and his brother to Lempäälä because they're going to have their driverslesson and when we're driving there a bird flies out infront of the car, we just see him and then we hear the smash and then he's lying on the road behind us :( First time I kill something :( Ironicly enough, we were, just the minutes before, talking about how I didn't even want to drive over already dead birds on the road, and then I kill a living one instead.. But he did suicide!

So, I think I'll be alone here soon, his parents are going away and I can hear them packing and running around, so they might leave soon. And then I just have to find a way to make time pass until it's 11:30 and I can go pick them up again from the driverslesson :)



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