Parent's allowance

Me and dad just applied to get parent's allowance, it feels like it's getting closer when you do these kind of things :) Felt like it's be good to have some money on the account before it was born, so you have some money incase you need them for something. Then we'll see if the baby decides to be early because then I won't have the money before it's born anyway, haha! But it feels nice to know that I'll get the money before or right after it's born at least :) It's actually only 52 days left! And +-2 weeks makes it 38-66 days! And 38 days is basically just about a month. But then it could be showing up at any point, so shouldn't set the dates in stone, but still :)

Me and mom are going out to rent a movie for the evening now, hugs! :)


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