Today I had another visit to my midwife, and just as I was complaining yesterday, my uterus-size was SMALLER than last time.. I told you she didn't meassure it a good way... Al though my midwife did say that it could also depend on how the baby was lying that last time, but still. The heartsounds were good, he or she didn't have a steady beat and apparently it wasn't supposed to keep itself the same way all the time, so that was also a good thing. And the baby already turned head down :) So at least it won't be any trouble with the baby wanting to come out leg first, haha, and that's actually a bit calming :)

And then I'm so lucky that I pass by the store on my way home, so my dear family ditched me and breakfast this morning and told me to drive past the store and get some new, freshly baked bread on my way home, haha. Oh, they abuse me so much for my licence, but it's still fun to drive so, who cares? :)

Now, me and mom are going to go down to the city and look at shoes, the ones I have right now have lots of thin ribbons (?) and my feet are swelling so fast right now, so feels like I need new shoes with less and thicker ribbons on. Preparing for Finland, you know :)



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