Well, I haven't updated here that much lately, as I said, I'm in Finland :) It's really nice here, but thought I should give you a little update on what is happening at least :)

To start with, you know the rumour about finnish people and that they love to sauna? It's probably more than true. I don't know how many times they've gone to sauna while I've been here, at least many! And then they have this little fun thing about going sauna, cooling down in the water, going back to sauna, etc. And they aren't really shy with their body either, haha! So I don't know how many butts I've seen running past me, just to disappear into the waters while I'm sitting on the "bridge" (I don't know the real word for it?). I don't like sauna THAT much, it happens that I go sometimes, and we have a sauna at home aswell, but I've been staying out while in Finland. I heard aswell that it's not that good to go sauna when pregnant, but Antti's mom went sauna all the time when expecting Antti and his brother, so I don't know. But I like it on the bridge or being in the water while they're in the sauna. And then I get company by a little Antti every now and then when it's time to cool down :). I'll show you a picture when I get home, taken so you can see the "bridge" and out towards the waters. It's so beautiful, and it's just below their summerhouse (and their summerhouse is just 2 km from their house, so it's close aswell!). Often, their sauna is a bit later, and then I'm sitting there watching the sun go down while waiting for their cooling-down-moment. Oh, it's so nice!

Else? Nah, not that much, mostly taken it easy, watching movies etc. We were out eating kebab one day this week, I just so wanted kebab and then Antti said we could go eat it, cutie! And then one of Antti and his brother's friends were here a couple of days so we went out to eat hamburger one day aswell :) And then their cousin stopped by for some days aswell, otherwise we've mostly been alone :) And yesterday we baked an amazing daim-mudcake, the whole thing disappeared almost right away, haha!

No news with the baby by the way, it seems to like it in there and has yet to give me any signals of wanting to get out. It could go very fast after I get the signals though, but yet I haven't felt anything anyway :) But then again, it's about 5 weeks left so we'll see.

Nah, now I'm going to take a shower, waiting for Antti to return from his drivers/theory-lesson he's having.
Take care out there, hugs!


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