Finland tomorrow <3

Tomorrow I'm leaving to Finland again, it'll be my last trip there before the baby is coming :) Then I'm not allowed to travel due to every company's rules, so I'll just be home waiting after Finland. But at least I'll be staying in Finland for 2½ weeks, nice! So now I've been a good girl and printed all the papers I need, I don't really think I need the papers itself, just the bookingnumber, but it felt more safe to have all the papers printed, just incase. Have to pack aswell, haven't done that yet, or to be honest I just have to REpack. I didn't unpack since Germany, since I didn't even get a chance to use most of the clothes, so I just have to look through what I still have in there, pack some new underwear and repack the things that I've been washing. Then it's done aswell!

Tomorrow I'm taking the bus at 10:35, a bit nervous to fly all by myself for the first time actually! So I'll go with Swebus all the way to Arlanda (Our biggest airport) and then I'll have 1 hour and 35 minutes to get lost before my flight departs, haha. Felt better than to just have 50 minutes, especially since I have to checkin 40 minutes ahead and you never know with the busses, even if it's the "flightbus". Then my plane departs at 13:40 and I'll be there 15:35 (local times). It's gonna be so nice to get there almost right after leaving! Now I'll take exactly 5 hours + the time it takes to get my bag, instead of 1 hour train, 11 hours boat, 2 hours train again.. Plus all the waiting time inbetween! So it'll be nice to just go and then arrive right away :)

I forgot to tell you all that we've been watching this dog for a few days now. A really cute Cockerspaniel-guy named Max. He's been running around the house for 2 days now, 3 if you count today, and tonight he's going home again - which is so far away, it's the neighbours dog :) He do have some sort of controllneed though, as he always has to know where everyone are! He came down to me half past 5 one morning just to check that I was still where I was supposed to be, haha :) And then he always look so sad, the race got those "hanging-eyes" so no matter what, they look really sad! Oh, he's so cute! :)

But now I'm gonna go finish my packing so it's done, feels like I don't have that much more time to fix everything on :) Hugs!


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