You're at day 274 of 280. (97,9%).
You're in week 40.
You have completed 39 full weeks and 0 full days (v39+0).
You're in the  9:th calendarmonth.
You're in the 10:th pregnancymonth.
You're in trimester three.
Calculated due date Thurs 1 sep 2011.
You have 6 days until due date.

Yeah, 6 days, what can you say? It's on Thursday. And it feels like forever, haha. But oh well, I'm expecting to go overtime, after all, that's the most common thing during your first pregnancy and that way I'm not expecting anything if nothing happens next week. Overtime it is! Even though I hope that is NOT the case :) But it's the baby's decision, unfortunately :)

Visit at the midwife today, the stomach is just as the normal curve should be, head is totally fixated normal heartsounds and it is still active in there (It was kicking around lots when she was feeling on my stomach :). So yeah, just wait and see now, the next meeting is booked until 5th but I hope I don't have to go there then, haha ;)



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