Yeah, as I said I was at the midwife today. I think it's kind of cozy to be honest, see that the baby is fine, see that the stomach is growing as it should etc. The stomach keeps growing according to the line it should and the baby's heart is beating good, wonderful! Less wonderful is that my midwife is leaving for 4 weeks vacation now and I get the annoying midwife I had earlier. Bleh. And hopefully I won't go overtime, and in that case she's the one I'll have until due date. Bleh, again? I really don't like her, but oh well. Two weeks until next visit and then it's only 2 weeks until the original one is back, so I'll have to take it I guess? Haha.

Also, there might be IKEA today, if mom wants to and aren't going out to exercise with the rest of the family :) Then we'll get some more bed-clothes (one pair doesn't go that well, haha), bottomsheets, blanket and the crib-protection so a leg or arm won't "fall out" and the baby get stuck :).

I forgot to mention before, but when I came home from Finland, my mom and dad had made it nice in the basement! I "get" the room outside mine, which has until now only been a warderob, basically, as babyroom. So they had thrown out all the old warderobes and put new shelves and boxes there, and put this cloth as a "door" to these shelves instead of the old warderobes. Then they kicked out one of the chairs that were in there into my room, to make space for the crib. And there were new paintings on the wall and these stuffed animals and everything! And then she had just light up the table-lamp when I got home, so it looked so cozy and nice! And my room got a small remake aswell. I had a new bed since my old one you could apparently feel the bottom through the bed and curtains on the side of the windows (I can't have these "normal" curtains since I live in the basement = small windows) and gave my room some new colour! Cozy aswell! And then mom had been in a shopping-mood so I had a nursing-bag (that you can pull out to have as a changing-bed when outside), clothes to the baby-bed, clothes to my bed (When I eventually move out), toys to use in the sand/waters (she had to, that was her excuse, haha) and wet wipes. And dad got the honor of building the crib and the changing-table with me, after a few curses over how "good" IKEA items are, haha :)

Doesn't it look nice?

Here's the picture from Antti's summerhouse that I promise you aswell!


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