Now I'm home from my first stop for the day, the dentist, surprise surprise with my title there! Oh well, I had to fix a tooth, so had to go back and do it now, bleh. At least I feel like a good-girl because I managed without ... anesthesia? My translator told me that at least, but you know that thing that makes you feel nothing, haha. Anyway, I made it without that, but to be honest, taking it scared me aswell, so it was courage mixed with fear that made me do it without, haha! Although, the drilling part didn't feel too much, felt a bit towards the end, but the hardest part was to lie on my back! I was lying there 10-15 minutes then I HAD to get up, felt all dizzy from lying like that, so got a little break, then they filled the tooth and gave me a new break. Needed those breaks, can't lie on my back for that long I noticed. And then she got to great idea to remove scale from my teeth in the end, and that hurt so much more than anything else. If I would've taken the anesthesia it would've been for that part in that case. Bleh... But I survived!

Now I'm gonna go up and wake my brother apparently, then I have to figure something out that I should do until 13.00, that's when I'm meeting my midwife again. Think I have to take a blood-test this time again, she said you normally take one in week 35 and I'm in week 36 now, so.. I prepare myself mentally for it, and hope I don't have to :)

Take care, and I'll write again after the midwife, hugs!


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