Oh, I'm so bored at home,  haha.. Feels like I just go around and try to make time pass, kind of. And I don't know with what either! Most of the fun things aren't fun to do alone, in my opinion at least. So it almost feels like I'm just sitting here, watching the clock slowly, slowly turn around. Oh, god, this sounds depressing. Can't the baby come out soon? It's only 28 days to due date now! Exactly 4 weeks that is, and it's most probable that it'll show up within 2-6 weeks then, it's not that long! Or well, it is like forever with my time right now, haha. Oh, take me back to Finland?

Have so many thoughts running through my head at the moment aswell so I can't figure out something to do anyway. I just keep repeating the same thoughts over and over again, not good. Eh, I guess it'll work out in the end, won't it?

Now I'm going to brush my teeth and lighten up the aquariums, and therefor spend another ... 5 minutes of my time doing something? :) Haha, take care out there, hugs!


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