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We got this store here in Västerås, Barnshopen, that is selling second-hand clothes adn toys. Myself, I'm a bit against second-hand, I think it's a bit gross to use something that others have been using before. I know that everything is washed and clean etc, and that it's not these intimate things (or?) but I wouldn't use it myself. But for a baby it feels like it's more okay actually! First of all, they're being that small for so short amount of time, so the clothes aren't actually used for that long! And everything was in such a good condition. So me and mom took a drive past this store to check it out, since we'd only been seeing it on the internet. It was so nice in there! First of all, it's FILLED with clothes from the size of 50 (which is so small btw!) to childrenclothes where small/medium/large is used as sizes. Apart from that there were toys, "walking-chairs", rocking-horses, strollers, you name it! Several princessdresses aswell, incase I'd ever need that ;)

I walked away from there with one new pyjamas (didn't have any before, haha), two new pants size 56 (I noticed I had lots of bodies but hardly any pants at home), five pair of socks and two hats, aswell as two toys to put into the babygym that my mom bought a few days ago. It was missing a few toys that were supposed to hang there, but it's okay since I can use whatever toys I want in there now :) And then my mom got a bit shopping-addicted aswell and bought me another pyjamas, another hat and a whole-body-suit. Nice, thanks mom! Her fingers starts to itch every now and then in there stores and she has to buy something aswell ;) She also pointed out that this was going to be  her new favorite store and told my father that the store had both rocking-horses and walking-chairs and princessdresses, so it was a really good store for grandfather to use when buying christmaspresents ;)

If anyone else wants to visit the store (I doubt on the english blog, though, haha!) and take part of their items you can find the website here: http://www.barnshopen.nu/

Oh well, now you at least got a little update about what is happening around, because that's pretty much everything that did happen, haha! I'm sooooo bored during the days, so if someone wants to do something, just call me!

Oh, right! I'm actually going to study this autumn aswell! I applied to two distance courses for fun and on the first information on admission I got into one of the courses and was reserv-spot for the second, but on the second information on admission I got into the last one aswell! So I'll be doing a bit of 3D-modelling for one term and finnish for two terms foward, exciting :) 3D-modelling is something I want to do later on, or at least something with graphical design, and the finnish would be fun since I can spy on Antti's conversations and hear his secret talk to people (A) Nah, but just fun to understand it! :)

Oh well, I'm going to relax a bit more and then I think I'll do something good and actually iron a bit, don't you think? Sounds like a boring but good plan? Take care out there, hugs!


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