Now I've done some "good" to day and baked cookies :) I like baking, it's so nice to have something to do instead of just sitting here waiting for the baby to show up, and I don't have that much entertainment since Antti started his university now and isn't online that much during the days. So a little baking as entertainment is more than welcome :)

The day started with that I had go to the store to buy some things for the baking, then I did a daim-mudcake, again, and while it was in the oven me and my brother ate lobscouse. After that I continued with a coco-toscacake. Our oven is fucked up, though, and while the cake should've been in the oven for 20-30 minutes at first, I started doubting it after 15, but left it in a few minutes more. So after about 18 minutes or so I took it out and it was almost burned instead, like it would've lasted another 2-12 minutes? And then I added the cocotosca on top and it was supposed to be in the oven another 10 minutes, but I had to take it our after 5.. So I hope it's okay anyway, I don't want to burn it but then again you start to think about if it's actually ready yet or not since it was in so much shorter. The edges tasted okay though, apart from a bit burned taste (they managed to burn since they are, in fact, the edges..) so the middle of the cake should be fine? Haha.

I should've been baking doat-doublets aswell, but my little mother didn't buy everything I needed for it and I was too lazy to drive to the store AGAIN, so I'll bake them later. The whole reason why I've been baking is because my grandmother, her "boyfriend", my aunt and her child is coming to visit this weekend, so we need something to share for them :) Unforunately (or fortunately? :) both me and my mom loves baking, so we'll have quite a lot of goodies to share, haha. I'll write more about that later. Now I'm going to plan tomorrow with Joss, seems she's stopping by here, nice!

Take care out there, hugs!


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