Awake before 10!

For once I'm awake before 10, haha, I had my "problems" with sleeping but I've always been in bed to at least 10 anyway, then I've been going up normally. But today I got woken up by my phone ringing. Or well, it wasn't the phone ringing, it was Antti, but the phone was making the sounds, haha! He had just finished his drivingtest and passed it! Congratulations my love! <3 And I was being smart, telling him to text me when he was done so I could read it when I woke up, but apparently he thought calling was better ;) But it doesn't matter anyway, because I love hearing his voice, so at least I woke up in a nice way :)

Now I'm going to get back into my warm bed and just lie there for awhile and watch tv or something :) Hugs!


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