Spiderattack - again

I just have to point this out first - as some may remember, I mentioned the big, gross spider in my room awhile ago? Well, it's back... Saw him (or her?) the day before yesterday and then it disappeared, and then I saw it yesterday aswell! Was going to capture it, so that dad could throw it out, but it ran behind a big drawer, so it's still running loose around here.

Anyway, today I'll return to the midwife, again. I'll write more when I've been there, so we'll see what she says :) It's almost that I wish my bloodpressure was high enough for them to start me, I'm tired of being fat by now, I want the baby out now, but it doesn't agree, haha. But I won't be that "lucky" I guess? And I'm not sure if I should call it luck either, I guess it's better for it to start by itself?

Oh well, I'll write more later, take care for now! :)


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